I, Hamlet
Kent Heiner
October 13, 2001

My name is Kent Heiner, the sole proprietor of Mem Publishing and the founder of Mem Research, an obscure internet site currently located at http://members.home.net/memresearch. It is my custom to speak of Mem Research as "we" even though at this time I remain the sole member. For over three years I have tried to raise a warning voice and organize some effective resistance to the growth of political corruption, particularly in the United States. I have made some productive contacts, but have not begun to reach my goals. Drawing on the research of others, I have tried to show that the enormous revenues generated by the illegal drug trade have been the driving force behind many national tragedies in America's past as well as the likely cause of future grief. Ironically, as the country now rallies around its public institutions in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, I expect to find even greater resistance to criticism of American foreign policy and allegations of corruption at the highest levels of our government.

This article is written in the first person, because this is a deeply personal subject for everyone. Everyone will always remember their reaction to the awful news. But is an even greater injustice being hidden behind the thousands of deaths? After two or three days of initial skepticism, I decided that the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were indeed what they appeared to be - a well-coordinated conspiracy of and by Islamic extremists designed to punish America for its Middle East policies. I struggled with how to proceed with Mem Research's mission during this time of crisis and looked for additional information. I pondered the possible impact of this landmark event on the problems I studied. Realizing that the "War on Terrorism" would require the tightening of security at America's borders and that this could not be accomplished without disrupting or exposing drug supply routes, I wondered if illegal drug imports would dwindle as they had during World War II, or if they would come further under the management of the government, as they had during every major conflict of the Cold War. With lifetime drug conspirator Richard Armitage holding the number two position at the State Department and former Western Arkansas federal prosecutor Asa Hutchinson heading the DEA, and with Pakistan as our foremost ally, the outlook was not good. But I reserved judgement.

Now, like the ghostly appearance of the slain king to a troubled Hamlet, we hear voices - mostly in the alternative media - telling us that something is rotten in Denmark. And, just as Hamlet doubted whether he should act on the words of an apparition, we have reason to be skeptical. At first I was offended by the apparent rashness of the allegations and suggestions being made - but the supporting evidence grows day after day, becoming ever more compelling. I do not know who was the author of the September 11 attacks, nor whether more could have been done to prevent them. But I do know the nature of the United States government and its vulnerability to evil and conspiring men. If the CIA can be made to protect over 50 years of international drug trafficking, if the FBI can be made to cover up a presidential assassination plot, and if the U.S. Navy can be made to sit still while the Japanese advance on Pearl Harbor, then it is certainly possible that we are not getting the whole story with respect to the attacks of September 11th. And, just as with the above-mentioned precedents, it is likely that the truth will remain hidden long enough that little if anything will ever be done about it.

I do know that in most conflicts the United States has been involved in for the last sixty years, it has sided with a drug-producing insurgent group and supplied the insurgents with arms in exchange for drugs. China, 1940s. Burma, 1950s. Cuba, 1960s. Vietnam and Laos, 1950s to 1970s. Iran, 1970s. Nicaragua, 1980s. Afghanistan and Pakistan, 1980s. Kosovo, 1990s. We find many of the same military and intelligence personnel moving from operation to operation. Many of these  individuals now hold high positions in the Bush administration. Some of them are being dispatched to the poppy fields of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan even now. True to the pattern, the enemy is being accused of our allies' crimes: it is the Northern Alliance, not the Taliban, which controls the poppy-growing regions of Afghanistan.

The thousands of dead in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania demand answers to the following questions. Those who knew and loved them, and those who care about the future of our country should demand them too:

For more background on how the drug economy has corrupted American politics, I refer readers to Mem Research's work in progress, It's The Economy, Stupid, located at http://www.memresearch.org/econ/.