Author: Ezra Taft Benson

Title: A Witness and a Warning: A Modern-day Prophet Testifies of the Book of Mormon

Length: 85 pp.

Publisher: Deseret Book

Publication Date: 1988


includes index, bibliography


During the years of his apostleship but before his ordination as President of the LDS Church, Elder Benson referred the Saints to Doctrine and Covenants 84:55 and asked rhetorically whether the Church might still be under condemnation for treating the Book of Mormon lightly. As soon as he became President, he affirmed that it was the case and began his campaign to promote this sacred book.

The "Witness" part of "A Witness and a Warning" seems to overshadow the "Warning" message that Elder Benson stressed so strongly in earlier years: the clear and present danger of "secret combinations." Yet President Benson taught that the Book of Mormon account of the Meridian of Time, secret combinations and all, showed us a type of what was to precede the Second Coming in America.

This book contains mostly general conference addresses (some of which were slightly revised) given during the first years of President Benson's tenure. President Benson might well be remembered as the "Book of Mormon Prophet," almost as much as Joseph Smith and the Book's original authors. The Prophet continuously stressed the need for earnest individual study of the Book of Mormon, and urged the Saints to "flood the earth" with the Book and its message. "A Witness and a Warning" concerns the Book of Mormon and the Savior of whom it testifies.