Author: Duane S. Crowther

Title: Prophecy - Key To The Future

Length: 355 pp.

Publisher: Bookcraft

Publication Date: 1962


includes illustrations, bibliography, index


Though not the first book of its kind, Prophecy - Key to the Future was a landmark in that it was more extensive and perhaps more popular than its predecessors. Crowther's book attempts to create a comprehensive picture from the various sayings and writings of Latter-Day Saint prophets throughout the ages.

The chapter headings:

I. War To Be Poured Out Upon All Nations

II. Missionary Work Among the Gentiles

III. God Will Pour Out His Judgements

IV. Internal Wars and the Collapse of the United States Government

V. The Establishment of the Kingdom of God

VI. Establishment of the New Jerusalem

VII. Four Important Events in America

VIII. The Gathering of the House of Israel to Palestine

IX. Plagues and the Book of Revelation

X. Universal Conflict and the Fall of the Christian Nations

XI. Christ's Appearance in the Council at Adam-Ondi-Ahman

XII. Growth and Development of Zion and Palestine After the Era of Universal Conflict

XIII. The Battle of Armageddon and Christ's Appearnance on the Mount of Olives

XIV. Christ's Coming in Glory

XV. The Millenium

XVI. Events at the End of the Earth

XVII. The Earth's Final State

Some of the material herein deals with the subject of secret combinations and their place in U.S. history. Herein is also found the Prophecy recorded by Mosiah Lyman Hancock which seems to foreshadow many events of the 1960s, including the assassinations of the Kennedys (see Heiner, The Hancock Prophecy). Let it be noted, however, that Crowther does not see any such thing in Hancock's writings, as they were discussed in conversation with this Heiner.

Other books by this author include The Prophecies of Joseph Smith and Prophetic Warnings to Modern America.