Author: Lee Roderick

Title: Leading the Charge: Orrin Hatch and 20 Years of America

Length: 447 pp.

Publisher: Gold Leaf Press

Publication Date: 1994


includes photographs, notes, index.


A very enjoyable and informative book, aptly titled. Included are 20 years of fascinating history seen in connection with Utah's (and the LDS Church's) famed Senator. It is also a personal book, helping the reader to become acquainted with the human being behind the Republican battle armor. Leading the Charge is not the kind of book to examine for Hatch's campaign funding sources or look for personal dirt (if there is indeed any to be found), but gives an even-handed account of Hatch's career.

Jack Anderson, the famous LDS muckracker-columnist, wrote of Roderick's book: "Terrific research and writing. An insider's view - sometimes humorous, other times frightening - of the men and women who make our laws and how the system really works as opposed to what the textbooks say. . ."