Author: L. Fletcher Prouty

Title: JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy

Length: 377 pp.

Publisher: Citadel Press

Publication Date: 1992


introduction by Oliver Stone

includes photos, notes, index


When you see Donald Sutherland (Mr X) sitting on a park bench with Kevin Costner (District Attorney Jim Garrison) in the Oliver Stone movie JFK, who you're really seeing is a dramatized version of Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, who served in the Pentagon in the 1950s and 1960s as the military liaison to the CIA's special operations.

Prouty may be the highest-ranking military officer to suggest publicly that the intelligence services and the military-industrial complex were behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As a key player in the intrigue of the day and a first-hand witness to many of the important events connected to the assassination, Prouty has a story that needs to be heard. He even says that his boss, General Ed Lansdale (General Y) was photographed in Dealey Plaza within an hour of the killing, though he can't say why.

JFK also explores the bigger questions of the influence of the CIA and military on foreign and domestic affairs, particularly the war in Vietnam. Prouty claims that one of the major reasons for Kennedy's death was his refusal to further escalate US activity in that country. Whether that theory is true or misleading, Prouty's account offers great insight into the clandestine world and is of great value.