Author: Peter Dale Scott

Title: Deep Politics and the Death of JFK

Length: 413 pp.

Publisher: University of California Press

Publication Date: 1993


includes notes, bibliography, index


Peter Dale Scott is a professor of English at U. of C. Berkeley, and this book (like all his previous endeavors) is worthy of a man of his rank. Indeed, it is unfortunate that there are not more such people teaching history courses. Like the fine scholar that he is, Scott approaches the assassination rationally, conservatively, and eloquently. Even better, he "hits the nail on the head" and gives one of the most accurate (if not the most detailed) descriptions of the assassination conspiracy to be found in print. As the title hints, the book is not just about the Kennedy assassination, but about the underlying political system in which the killing took place. As such, Scott's ideas have undiminished relevance for analysis of current events.

Scott's other works include The War Conspiracy: The Secret Road to the Second Indochina War, Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America (with Jonathan Marshall), and (with Jonathan Marshall and Jane Hunter) The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era.