Author: Mark Lane

Title: Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

Length: 393 pp.

Publisher: Thunder's Mouth

Publication Date: 1991


introduction by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

includes chronology, "cast of characters," index.


Second to The State of Louisiana v. Clay Shaw, Hunt v. Third Press and Hunt v. Liberty Lobby are the most significant (perhaps the only) trials to take place in connection with the Kennedy Assassination. Whereas the Shaw case was a prosecution of an alleged conspirator (the only such case to date), The Hunt cases were libel suits against publishers who had alleged or implied the conspiratorial involvement of long-time CIA operative and Watergate criminal E. Howard Hunt. Mark Lane acted as defense for Third Press and even convinced the jury that the CIA had killed President Kennedy. In the process, Lane was able to depose former CIA directors Richard Helms and Stansfield Turner as well as the notorious David Atlee Phillips (Hunt's frequent CIA collaborator), Hunt himself, and Hunt's Watergate co-conspirator G. Gordon Liddy. Whether the trial brought the nation any closer to the guilty parties in the assassination is questionable, but the information that was revealed in the process is of great significance. This is the story contained in Plausible Denial.