Author: Daniel Hopsicker

Title: Barry and 'The Boys': The CIA, The Mob and America's Secret History

Length: 507 pp.

Publisher: Mad Cow Press

Publication Date: 2001


The few who managed to get the first copies in January 2001 know that "Barry and the ‘Boys’" seems likely to be the year’s most explosive book . . . if it gets read. Not only does Hopsicker conclusively link infamous drug trafficker Barry Seal to Kennedy assassination figures Dave Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald – not only does he publish a photo showing Seal with Watergate criminal Frank Sturgis and Iran-Contra figure Felix Rodriguez in 1963 – but he provides so many other nuggets that "Barry and the ‘Boys’" is indispensible to anyone seriously seeking to understand how the above scandals and others like them have all been related. It’s all there – from OSS operations in wartime Burma to the political intrigue that still haunts Bill Clinton’s Arkansas. Though it has more information than even the most avid researchers can readily absorb, Hopsicker’s style makes "Barry and the ‘Boys’" a good read for anyone interested in the darker side of American politics.