Letter to Chuck Hayes

Charles S. Hayes
ID #05930-032 Clay-B Unit
Fed. Correctional Institution
Box 4000
Manchester, KY 40962

July 1, 1998

Dear Chuck,

Here are some more web pages from recent days. With pretty pictures and all. I guess they really get Don Hewitt upset.

There is an article about McDougal's death, and I've included one on the Dreyfus Affair, part 5, which mentions some interesting people.

A lot of dumb people think I'm supposed to drop whatever I'm doing and answer their questions about 60 Minutes (which reran their hit on me from the Dec. 2, 1996 tape). Maybe wasting ones time was the whole point of CBS's effort. Anyway, it didn't work.

But to give you an idea of Leslie Stahl's IQ. We were talking prior to the interview they didn't show any of, and Stahl said: "You know we did a thing at the real Area 51. I put on jeans and we went right up to the fence, and the military came by and chased us off."

This was supposed to impress me she was a real journalist: she put on jeans and went right up to a fence. Wow. But I said, "Leslie, those weren't military."


"Those were Wackenhut Guards."

"Oh, I thought they were military."

Which shows you the high quality of CBS research. Out of curiosity I asked Leslie if she ever read her email. She said: "Well, I would. But you know I do a lot of writing, I write in Word Perfect, and I find it so hard to get out of Word Perfect and over into my email, that I hardly ever look at it."

So there you have it. A woman who can't get out of Word Perfect and over into her email was sent to interview me about the Internet. Guess Mike Wallace was tied up counting his bribe money.



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