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Famularo's Case Against Chuck Hayes Begins to Crumble

by J. Orlin Grabbe

"If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle."--Judges 14:18.

FBI Special Agent David "Killer" Keller knows a lot of things. He knows, for example, that U.S. Customs paid Chuck Hayes $45,000 for his part in an international gem seizure. I wonder where Keller got that information? For I have the same assertion from Chuck's ex-wife that someone recorded on tape in September 1995. She made this assertion in apparent anticipation of receiving part of the payment.

The only problem is: It isn't true. The Inspector General's office of Customs denies any such payment took place. And it seems quite willing to testify on Hayes' behalf against the FBI.

David "Killer" Keller has other problems. The Court, despite its best efforts to cooperate with U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo's and the FBI's railroading of the Chuck Hayes' case, has finally been prodded to produce a transcript of the Oct. 25, 1996, bond hearing. I am not a lawyer, but someone who is a lawyer assures me that there are a minimum of six counts of perjury in Keller's testimony, and possibly as many as eight.

Of course the FBI has other problems besides Kentucky agents who lie (and Montana agents who deal drugs). A little birdie tells me a legislative bill is being prepared to abolish the entire outfit as an unchartered organization. A powerful senator is behind this bill. Perhaps the abolition will also help to eliminate endemic problems like abuse of FBI files (i.e. delivering them to the White House for political purposes).

I also hear U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo will have some problems of his own. The Senate Government Affairs committee is calling on the Senate Judiciary committee to do a complete investigation of the Kentucky activities of the Department of Justice. I suspect they will soon want to know what U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo has been up to.

Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey has a new book coming out. I don't know the title, but it has some material on the "D" section of the CIA and their unconventional computer work. Sources say that Charles S. Hayes worked in "D" prior to his retirement.

December 18, 1996
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