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Is the CIA Trying for a Piece of Fifth Column Action?

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Contact is a Las Vegas newspaper partially owned by the CIA. The masthead includes the words "The Phoenix Project" as well as the statement "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad . . ."--the latter a variation on the quote from John 8.32 that is found on the CIA headquarters building and on many university buildings across America.

The newspaper claims the Fifth Column has provided them with "information and documentation". But the Fifth Column assures me they haven't provided anything to Contact. The article reads as follows:


"The Fifth Column has provisioned many, many documents to many of us, and other magazines have the guts to print what is really going on. WHY our U.S. Houses, the Congress and Senate, sit on their rumps and do nothing is beyond me. . . .

"It is my understanding that the Fifth Column has provided the CONTACT newspaper with documents involving the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and related banks will also be exposed. The CONTACT newspaper can be obtained by either writing to CONTACT, P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126, or calling (800) 800-5565." [Contact, vol 13, no 11, July 23, 1996.]

But since nothing was, in fact, provided to this newspaper, one has to view the assertion as a bid for credibility by association with the Fifth Column, as well as a bid for a piece of the action. But no one--including the Fifth Column--likes fair weather "friends": people who have opposed you or remained neutral all along, but then suddenly want to be on your side when it appears you are winning.