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Big Sky Cartel Zero's In

by Chip Tatum
Black Ops Reporter

Chinook, Montana newsman Mike Perry has put up his 108 year old Chinook Opinion newspaper for sale. The sale of the newspaper is linked to pressures from high ranking officials and others brought to bear on Perry and his family. Editor Perry has been ruffling feathers in Montana with his continuing investigation into drug trafficking, smuggling and official corruption along the Montana-Canadian border.

Newsman Perry had been repeatedly warned of mob contracts placed on his life. Earlier this spring Perry and his wife, Mary, filed a complaint with the local sheriff following a threatening pursuit by a local attorney across the surrounding countryside subsequent to their efforts to photograph an auto accident at a remote, rural location. The attorney, a former local prosecutor, had been linked by Perry in the Chinook Opinion to a large scale drug smuggling operation and several related Blaine County murders.

Perry's newspaper business has also come under financial attack by another area newspaper. This recently created newspaper was apparently started as an economic attack because of Perry's refusal to down play his investigation of local drug smuggling, a major community business. The town of Chinook has less than 2000 inhabitants and it seems obvious the new competition really wants Perry's outspoken editorials hushed to help preserve the local drug crime cover-up.

The end of Mike Perry's "Chinook Opinion" editorials will hurt the anti-drug-corruption efforts in Montana. There is, however, a growing grass roots movement that will not be stopped. The demise of the Chinook Opinion may contribute to an even greater resolve among Montanans to get something done about the growing crises. Additionally, some positive official response to the drug corruption scandal appears to be surfacing.

Last week, US Attorney Sherry Mateucci announced the Great Falls Grand Jury has handed down indictments to the president and other officers of the failed Mountain Bank of Whitefish. The indictments came after reports about $150 million in drug money laundered through the bank were circulated by Perry and others investigating Montana corruption. The indictments also followed an unsuccessful prosecution of Al and Frank Luciano, of the "Lucky" Luciano family from the Libby-Eureka area, who were associated with the management and ownership of the Mountain Bank. Al Luciano was acquitted after banker John Ochenrider, a co-defendant, was killed in a mountain climbing accident two weeks before the trial. OOPS, odd coincidence don't you think?

On another front, Circle attorney Arnie Hove appeared on a nationally syndicated talk show hosted by Ted Gunderson. Attorney Hove pleaded for help or intervention in the corruption problems along the northern Montana border. Attorney Hove, a long time criminal prosecutor, pointed out that besides the two better known drug trafficking centers of Chinook and Sidney, the small town of Wolf Point is also a source of smuggling reports and drug related murders. But law enforcement continues to ignore the piles of depositions taken by Mr. Hove relating to the undeniable drug related corruption being experienced in the Wolf Point and surrounding areas. Instead of dealing with the corruption, Law Enforcement is dealing with the squeaky wheel. Attorney Arnie Hove is the target of investigations into wrong doings...and you can bet that if you're a target of these guys, you may as well get your affairs in order ... They never miss. But they are successful only because the People of Montana allow these corrupt Law enforcement and Political felons to remain UNINDICTED.

Look at what is being brought out in Washington today concerning the corruption within the walls of the IRS. The IRS, for years has been the "Operations Center" for keeping Americans IN LINE. As an Agent for the CIA, I had a number of Federal Officials and services at my finger tips to utilize as necessary. The IRS was one of these entities. Attorney Hove has become a target in Montana for his willingness to stand up and speak of what he knows. You need to stand behind this man and support him. Or he will surely be silenced.

The Black Ops Reporter has obtained confidential information that may hold optimism for both editor Perry and attorney Arnie Hove and others. According to confidential sources, an internal investigation of FBI agent Terry Nelson of South Florida may implicate agent Nelson and law enforcement in Montana in a scheme to smuggle "multi-ton shipments of heroin and cocaine" from Canada into the United States. Indictments may be in the works for local law enforcement officials, FBI agents, customs agents, several prosecuting attorneys and at least one well known, prominent Montana state official. The drug scheme was foisted on local law enforcement by Nelson and others under the guise of a large scale covert operation in conjunction with U.S. intelligence.

The "Blacks Ops Reporter" also learned several individuals have been interviewed by a government agency concerning the Nelson investigation. Agent Nelson is also aware of the investigation. An unconfirmed source claims that bank accounts have been accessed and audited which show payoffs into several Montana bank accounts apparently linked to the Canadian drug shipments from Cali-Medellin drug cartel operations. The theory is that central control of law enforcement in Montana had been corrupted for a number of years, beginning in the eighties, with the bribery and smuggling scheme.

The attacks on Montana newsman Mike Perry and lawyer Arnie Hove emphasize the present dark situation along the Canadian border. Without the citizens of Chinook and Wolf Point joining together in protest against this kind of "Neutralization", there is faint hope on the horizon for these men. But their valiant efforts must not be ignored.

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September 27,1997
Black Ops Reporter

Posted here September 28, 1997
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