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The Dickheads Are Getting Desperate

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Four cars carrying four federal agents each showed up in Nancy, Kentucky, today. The sixteen dickheads include both FBI and Secret Service agents who are asking questions about Chuck "the Angel of Death" Hayes. "Is there anyway to get to that son-of-a-bitch," they're asking the locals.

They don't seem to realize that the locals start loading their weapons when dickheads arrive.

It's not that Bill Clinton necessarily ordered them there. In fact, he probably didn't, although Hillary may well have. Both the FBI and the SS are currently leaderless. Clinton is off doing five lines of coke a day, and any little sub-serf in either agency can do pretty much anything he damned well pleases. That's why Hillary was able to get away with plotting with I3. (The NSA is also down in Nancy. But they're staying out of it. They're apparently just trying to find out what's going on.)

In Roman times, Roman soldiers sometimes were not paid. So they would go on a rampage looting the countryside, collecting their wages directly from the local population. That's what the U.S. government has turned into: disorganized crime, operating out of control.

Some people wonder why militias are forming throughout the U.S. It's called self-protection. Not from foreign invaders. But from the U.S. government--dickheads like those in Nancy, Kentucky right now.

If I were a good citizen of the State of Kentucky, I would strap on my weapons and go looking for federal agents. You know, to make sure they are not stealing anything. I would park closely behind them in a crowded parking lot, so I could keep an eye on their vehicles. I would watch closely to make sure they didn't make any threatening movements, because they do happen to be murderous bastards, and I might need to protect myself in legal and justifiable self-defense by blowing someone's head off.

September 18, 1996
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