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Was Freeh Fired?--Or Is It Only a Glitch in the FBI's Files?

by J. Orlin Grabbe

While the stock market continues to climb a wall of "What? Me worry?" (helped along by a little Federal Reserve buying of stock index futures whenever it goes down) and the rapid deployment forces of the 101 Airborne out of Ft. Campbell arrive in the staging area of Saudia Arabia and Bill Clinton seeks advice on his tenuous political position from leading Democrats, the FBI continues in its campaign to systematically mislead the American public concerning the downing of TWA Flight 800.

Is it because the FBI was notified in advance by a Syrian-backed terrorist group there would be such an attack? The "official" behind the scenes explanation is: "We don't want copycat crimes." Apparently they are afraid the general public will realize you can take down an aircraft with a Stinger missile. But isn't anyone with the intelligence to acquire a Stinger also smart enough to figure that out for themselves?

If TWA 800 was destroyed by a bomb out of Athens, then why are U.S. rapid deployment forces staging in Saudia Arabia? Is Greece the focus of their attention? Or is it Syria?

Well, maybe the FBI can't do much about terrorism--but the political appointees at the agency sure know how to show up on Capitol Hill to ask for more money and greater powers to wiretap American citizens. They were even muttering something about pipe bomb instructions on the Internet. (A friend of mine just gave a course to 20 ATF agents on how to make pipe bombs-- you've got to know how they are made in order to defuse them. And the government's worrying about the Internet?) But this all kind of makes sense when you realize the FBI finds it much safer to deal with, say, the Branch Davidians at Waco, or with toy soldiers who march on weekends, than with the skilled urban guerillas trained at Syria's College.

But perhaps things are looking up. Did Louis Freeh fail to get his bi-monthly pay- and expense- reimbursement checks this last payday? Apparently so. The computer says--and we know FBI files cannot be wrong--that he has been terminated. Is the White House upset with Freeh? The official explanation in the computer, which we know cannot be accessed by just anyone on account of its high quality security, is that Freeh was removed from his job because the FBI is an "unchartered" organization.

If the FBI is unchartered does this mean FBI agents are really just employees of the Department of Justice? One can't be prosecuted for lying to the Department of Justice, only for lying to the FBI. But, on the other hand, the FBI apparently doesn't exist under Federal law: it isn't chartered. Any lawyers out there paying attention?

August 1, 1996