James Norman's Letter to Warden of Manchester Prison

26 April 1999

FCI Manchester
P.O. Box 4000
Manchester, Ky

via fax to: 606-599-4115

Dear Sir:

On or about April 12, 1999, I mailed to you a transcript of an interview with prisoner Charles Hayes (05930-320) for your comment. Having received no reply or acknowledgment after two weeks, I expect to proceed with the story. Your response is welcome at any time, but may now likely come after publication.

In addition, the April 12 letter formally requested copies of Mr. Hayes' medical and government service records, which he indicated he would approve for release. Notwithstanding the fact that he has apparently been relocated (in what appears to be violation of his sentencing order by Judge Coffman), that document request remains and your prompt response is expected.

Further, for the record, I would like to request a formal statement from your office as to the reason for Mr. Hayes' transfer, the location to which he has been transferred and the reason for sending him to that facility.

Your prompt response would be appreciated.

Cordially yours,

James R. Norman
Senior Writer
fax:: 212-xxx-xxxx