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Letter to Chairman, House Judiciary Committee

by J. Orlin Grabbe

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January 21, 1997

Henry Hyde
House Judiciary Committee
2138 Rayburn Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Hyde:

I am writing to you because it is my understanding you intend to conduct hearings into FBI abuses, in particular the FBI actions resulting in false accusations directed at Richard Jewell in the Olympic bombing case.

I urge you to add to your agenda Criminal Case No. 96-60 in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Kentucky, in London, Kentucky. This case is currently on-going, having been granted a continuance to Jan. 27, due to the Prosecution's having used a twice-convicted felon and former mental patient to introduce the charges against the accused.

I urge you in the strongest possible way to immediately contact Judge Jennifer B. Coffman, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky, to secure a copy of all case records and court proceedings.

The case basically amounts to a vendetta of false charges launched against Charles S. Hayes, a retired CIA agent, because he has made life uncomfortable for the FBI and the Justice Department.

The case is a rich minefield of un- Constitutional procedures on the part of the Court, and of incompetence and criminal activity on the part of the FBI and the Justice Department. Here are some samples:

  • The Prosecution claimed that former CIA agent Charles S. Hayes and former Wharton professor J. Orlin Grabbe (that's me) were the same person, and employed this as evidence to deny bond for Hayes. Well, I am not now, nor have I ever been, Charles S. Hayes. This either shows sheer incompetence and reckless disregard for doing one's job on the part of the Prosecution, or deliberate fabrication as part of a conspiratorial plot against Hayes.

  • The Prosecution used a former mental patient and convicted felon named Lawrence Myers to introduce the charges against Hayes. In an attempt to get away with this charade, the Prosecution pointed out to the Judge that Myers had a felony conviction for walking away from a meal check, but that this conviction was more than ten years old. What they failed to point out was that Myers was arrested in 1986 in Alameda, California, for attempted to extort $5,000 from a man who was homosexual. When it was revealed that Myers had said he would have "Green Berets kill every fag and every drug dealer" within a certain perimeter, Myers was sent to a mental institution. Afterward, he plead guilty to a felony charge of grand theft and was placed on 18 months probation. He then violated the terms of his probation, and there may still be a warrant out for his arrest.

  • The Judge denied Charles Hayes' request that he act as his own co- counsel. Now, I am not a lawyer, but I thought the right of a Defendant to counsel of his own choosing was a Constitutional right. Her explanation was that Hayes had not been admitted to the bar. The simple fact is that she didn't want Mr. Hayes, who has a law degree from the University of Chicago, asking pertinent questions in court. She is denying him the right to a fair trial, because she knows the Prosecution's case is in trouble.

  • The FBI agent whose Affidavit was used as the basis for the original arrest warrant is a former drug dealer and user of heroin. While this evidence has not been introduced in court, FBI Agent David Keller is a former member of a motorcycle gang called The Outlaws. Witnesses have indicated their willingness to testify to the fact that while a gang member Keller both used and sold heroin. Consequently, one must conclude the government has Keller, and Keller's testimony, in their pocket.

    The simple fact of the matter is that Hayes tweaked the nose of the Justice Department when he recently (April 2, 1996) gave an affidavit on behalf of Inslaw (see "Angel of Death Gives Deposition to Justice Department in Inslaw Case"). Since that time, the Justice Department and the FBI--which (according to the Library of Congress) is an illegal organization not chartered by Congress--have been engaged in a broad conspiracy to discredit Hayes based on their malice toward the defendant. In pursuing their goal, the Prosecution has demonstrated misconduct and incompetence, and the FBI has engaged in deliberate entrapment.

    Consequently, I urge you immediately move to secure all records from this case, and to launch an immediately investigation into Justice Department activities in Kentucky.

    Sincerely yours,

    J. Orlin Grabbe

    Enclosure 1: "Judge Jennifer B. Coffman's Kangaroo Court": an article on the Charles Hayes court case in London, Kentucky.

    Enclosure 2: "Witness's past prompts delay in murder-plot trial": an article by Gail Gibson of the Lexington-Herald regarding the London, Kentucky, court case.

    Enclosure 3: "Angel of Death Gives Deposition to Justice Department in Inslaw Case": an article showing the hostility against Hayes due to his giving an Affidavit on behalf of Inslaw.

    Enclosure 4: "The Dickheads Are Still Desperate": an article explaining why funding for the FBI should be cut to zero.

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    Washington, D.C. 20515

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