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Hillary Clinton Puts Out a Contract on Dick Morris

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Hillary Clinton contracted with three government thugs to kill Dick Morris.

The planning of the hit began well before the Star started talking to Dick Morris's hooker girlfriend Sherry Rowlands. Apparently Morris gave Hillary too much competition for the ear of the President.

At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton leaked the statement that Dick Morris was "depressed" and "suicidal" because of the Star's reporting of his affair with Sherry Rowlands. This statement was not accidental. She was planning to kill Dick Morris right after the Democratic Convention.

The three government thugs have confessed to working for "I-3" out of the Pentagon. What is I-3? Who do they normally report to? What is the Pentagon doing with hit squads on its payroll? Is the murder of White House officials standard operating procedure for elements of the military?

Under gentle persuasion, one of the thugs described how the hit was going to go down. Dick Morris was going to "commit suicide" with a pistol. He was going to "pull the trigger himself", much like in the botched murder of Vince Foster.

At the time of the Vince Foster murder, the story was also leaked that Foster was "depressed" and "suicidal", even though a number of people had already given statements that contradicted this characterization. Did the same three thugs also kill Vince Foster?

Hillary Clinton now stands exposed for the scheming, murderous bitch she is. Is there enough evidence to charge her with Murder One? That's for Kenneth Starr to figure out.

And William Perry can, in the meantime, explain what he is doing with I-3 hitmen on the Pentagon payroll.

September 8, 1996
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