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Sex with Hillary

by J. Orlin Grabbe

"Susan McDougal had sex with Bill Clinton, and the government lets her have all the media access she wants while in jail."

I was sitting in a locked room in the Laurel County Detention Center in London, Kentucky, with Charles S. Hayes. We were sampling the prison fare. There was a slice of ham, two slices of bread, green beans, potato salad, and raisins. As a legal assistant to Hayes' lawyer, Gatewood Galbraith, I was allowed direct access to Hayes.

Susan McDougal was a partner with her husband James McDougal and Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater development project. Hayes was referring to a well-known, and well-documented, picture of Bill Clinton and Susan McDougal having sex on top of James McDougal's sports car.

He was also referring to the fact that U.S. District Judge Jennifer B. Coffman had denied Hayes' request to hold a press conference at the Detention Center

"Does that mean," Hayes continued, "that to get permission for a press conference I have to have sex with Hillary?"

I reflected that First Family sex had been much in the news recently. There was the Paula Jones case, where Bill Clinton was accused of exposing his penis to Jones and asking her to kiss it. And there was the recent American Spectator article ("Hell to Pay," by Rebecca Borders, January 1997) which quotes David Watkins as saying Bill Clinton was having an affair with his "hippie girlfriend" Marsha Scott, while Hillary was having an affair with Vince Foster.

I looked inquiringly at Hayes. "I flatly refuse to have sex with Hillary," Hayes said. "Besides, I've talked to more than one person who has done so, and they tell me she's no good."

"Would you care to name them?" I asked, thinking of one ex-White House staff member I knew about, who was still alive.

"If I'm put under pressure, I will," Hayes said.

January 18, 1997
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