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Andreas Strassmeir's Attorney Responds to My Post on OKC

by J. Orlin Grabbe

I posted "Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis, and the FCC" to the Internet on February 16, 1997. On July 2, 1997, I received the following response from Kirk D. Lyons, attorney for Andreas Strassmeir, with respect to my comments on Andreas Strassmeir.

Kirk Lyons Responds:

1. Andi never arranged to buy anything for Petruskie - he wrote one inquiry letter. Nothing happened as Lufthansa was not interested in selling. Have you read the letter? Do you have any proof a multi-million dollar deal was consumated? I can assure you it wasn't.

2. Stassmeir has never claimed to my knowledge that Petruskie was CIA or that Petruskie knew Andi's Father.

3. Petruskie is a retired LT. Colonel, not Colonel.

4. Your Millar/Elohim City ideology lecture is all skewed. Have you ever been there, or talked to any of the rseidents. I have seen Indians there, Chinese, and even Blacks. How White supremacist can it be?

5. Strassmeir rec'd a SS#, yes, but it did not permit him to work. Any foreign visitor can get a SS#.

6. Stating a fact that the right wing is easy to penetrate does not make one an informant, any informed observer can figure that out.

7. If you are going to drive a car in the US, you must have an address and a driver's licence. What's the big deal?

8. Talk to my associate, Dr. Neill Payne about your silly Texas Light Infantry myth. Dr. Payne was a member of the TLI, and can account for Andi's whereabouts the whole time Andi trained with them. Some wannabee jerk is making up stories, and you and others have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. No wonder we can't win against the Feds.

9. Lawson has obviously never met Strassmeir, none of the Strassmeir ID's in KS are credible. Of course how could she tell, while "entertaining" 200 soldiers over a Summer. Her ID of Brescia is also flawed.

10. Someone on McVeigh's card called Elohim City on 4/5. That is the only fact. Joan Millar after first denying the call, later "remembered" that the call was for Andy, but Andy wasn't there. Andy was strangely never told that he rec'd a call.

11. We don't know who called our office on 4/18, he didn't ID himself. Jones investigator later told us it was McVeigh, but he has lied many times.

12. Andy was not in Kansas at the time of these supposed sightings of him.

13. Carol Howe's FBI statement makes no reference to casing federal buildings in OKC with Mahon or Strassmeir. Her accusations are general not specific.

14. The McCurtain Daily Gazette, never pointed any queries at Strassmeir, so had nothing to do with his return to Germany.

15. GS-G9 never assisted getting Andy out of the country, and I have never said that.

16. Who is the "highly placed FBI source," or is JD using that to cloak a mere guess on his part.

17. The quote from Volkstreue is essentially correct - I wanted to keep young Germans from joining the Klan. Mahon never even knew of Andi, till Andi moved to OK.

18. Lady Godiva's ID is BS. The power of suggestion by an unscrupulous investigator who has already made up his mind, makes the ID's valuless. For the record Andi was not in Lady Godiva's although the video tape is compelling evidence that the bomber(s) visited the place. Do we know if the Bimbos were paid to Id people for a TV crew? Let me talk to them, I can find out real quick if they're making up stories or on the level.

19. I am 99% certain that McVeigh never visited EC. Those people can't keep secrets. If McVeigh had really been there I would have heard about it. Information leaks like a sieve out of EC. Why is Howe the only source for a McVeigh ID at EC?

20. Strassmeir was not head of security.

21. Your Mueller stuff is too way out for comment. Eaton has never told me he thought Andi had anything to do with the Mueller homicides. What evidence Strassmeir & McVeigh were more than one time casual aquaintance? Your statements here are seriously irresponsible.

22. Your & MoCav's Gov't paid NeoNazi theory is less credible than flat earth theories.

23 Lastly, if Strassmeir is a Govt informant (and I his handler) why has he continually lived in poverty since he got to this country, and even now is working a construction job? Where is all those federal dollars to support my lavish lifestyle (10 year old car, 4 kids and I rent)? If I have learned anything in my 13 years battling the feds in court, their informants are well paid (like snitch Saint Carol Howe), and they are paid while they are undercover.

Posted July 3, 1997
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