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Letter of Charles Hayes to Montana Senate

February 14, 1997

Mr. Charles Hayes
PO Box 185
Nancy, Kentucky 42544-9326

Re: Information that the committee needs

Montana Senate Judiciary Committee
Montana Senate
State Capital
Helena, Montana 56601

Re: Senate Bill 255

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Committee:

This letter is made in support of the above legislation now pending before your Senate involving establishment of the office of Inspector General for the state of Montana.

I am a retired career operative of a US intelligence agency. Since my retirement I have assisted several notable investigations involving corruption of US officials.

I have focused much of my attention on corruption relating to narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

It has come to my attention that a well known Helena, Montana politician is implicated in the narcotics traffic. It may be that the Montana criminal justice system including FBI and other federal employees are involved. I am prepared to offer sworn testimony and documentation to your Senate Committee or other legislative forum upon proper process and in due time.



Charles Hayes

Posted here February 22, 1997
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