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Open Letter to Louis Freeh

December 15, 1997

Louis Freeh
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

Dear Director Freeh:

We are all members of the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes living on sovereign Fort Peck tribal lands. We now possess reports from many sources of most outrageous abuses of our people and sacred lands.

TO WIT: Evidence of a smuggling operation into Montana and over Fort Peck tribal lands from Canada which involves and implicates rogue agents of the FBI. The Canadian drug conspiracy also involves murder-for-hire killings of participants or witnesses on our Fort Peck Reservation and surrounding communities in Montana. Last October 12th, Darryle Buck Elk was killed in Popular just months after he began to reinvestigate the broad daylight killing of his wife Arlene Buck Elk. The persons responsible for both deaths remain at large. These and other official investigations have been compromised.


  • 1. South Florida FBI Agent, Terry Nelson is a target of an internal agency investigation involving the drug operation. Two former CIA officers William Colby and Chip Tatum have confirmed this.

  • 2. The drug smuggling operation occurred in flight routes to Nova Scotia and Chapeau Airfield in Quebec; then over to Weyburn, Saskatchewan and down into North Dakota and Montana. The major shipping zones in Montana were Sidney, Chinook, Havre and clandestine airstrips on the Fort Peck tribal lands. Alternative routes into Eureka, Libby, Whitefish, and Shelby may also have been used.

  • 3. Corrupt Montana authorities in Chinook, Sidney and the Fort Peck tribal lands coordinated protection of the smuggling operations. A prominent Montana state official received payments into accounts in the Helena Northwest Bank branch in conjunction with the multi-ton shipments of Columbian Cali-cartel heroin and cocaine.

  • 4. In 1992-4, Phoenix investigator, Mike Roe, made an independent inquiry and found direct evidence of drug trafficking involving a Sidney lawyer and a police detective as well as a Chinook lawyer and banker.

  • 5. The Roe Report submitted to the FBI in February, 1994 was suppressed. The Sidney investigation of the related Wolfe-Madsen murders in December, 1993 was also suppressed.

  • 6. FBI agents operating out of the Glasgow office assisted the Nelson smuggling operations and involved Fort Peck tribal police as well as other tribal members in illicit activities. As a result civil rights violations of individual tribal members were rampant.

  • 7. Lambert trucker Clinton Mullen was approached by a Sidney attorney to haul drugs from Canada in his trucking operation in 1992. When Mullen declined, he and his wife were beaten outside a Sidney night spot at the instigation of another Sidney lawyer associated with the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Practice.

  • 8. A Sidney man, Jerry Herdt, told friends he gave information to the FBI about the Sidney lawyer involving drugs two weeks before he was found dead near Glendive. Herdt was probably murdered.

  • 9. Richard Cowan and his wife Bernadette Doiron were killed in Havre on the eve of Cowan's set time to give information implicating the then Blaine County attorney in a large scale drug operation. Both Lloyd Wilson and Rick Bone were convicted for the Cowan killings, and made statements from prison implicating third parties and the then Blaine County attorney in the drug killings.

  • 10. Two Glasgow FBI agents involved in the drug operation likely compromised dozens of investigations on the Fort Peck and Fort Belnap tribal lands. Many of the unexplained 40+ killings on the Fort Peck tribal lands may be directly linked to the corrupt enterprise involving the Canadian smuggling operation. Witnesses are available and have information directly linking the Glasgow FBI agents and other officials to drug related activities and violent civil rights abuses.

  • 1. The FBI and other federal agencies must share information from the interal investigation involving Terry Nelson and Mike Huxtable.

  • 2. The FBI must coordinate efforts with Canadian authorities to arrest fugitive Mike Huxtable.

  • 3. Public disclosure must be made of other targets of the smuggling investigation, including Helena officials. Americans have the right to know.

  • 4. Assurances must be made to citizens of Fort Peck and Fort Belnap tribal lands, Sidney, Circle, and Chinook that they will be protected from attempts to obstruct the investigation or intimidate or harass witnesses who have come forward against the drug lords.

  • 5. The FBI must prosecute federal criminal indictments against the conspirators NOW.

  • Assiniboine-Sioux
    Our People Inherit Despair When Evil Prevails Over Justice

    Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Citizens for Constitutional Reform, P.O. Box 214, Wolf Point, MT 59201, Phone: (406) 653-1614 or (406) 653-2686.

    Posted here December 23, 1997
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