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Lawrence W. Meyers--Extortion Charge

The following information pertains to former Media Bypass writer Lawrence "Myers," whose real name is Lawrence Meyers, who was used by the U.S. Attorney's office in the Eastern District of Kentucky to introduce charges against Charles S. Hayes, of Fifth Column fame.

Filed June 9, 1986

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda
The People of the State of California -vs- Lawrence W. Meyers also known as Meyers W. Lawrence.

No. H-8333 Information
PFN APQ 513 CEN 5071570

The District Attorney of the County of Alameda hereby accuses LAWRENCE W. MEYERS also known as Meyers W. Lawrence of a felony, to wit, a violation of Section 524 of the Penal Code of California, in that from on or about the 28th day of July, 1985, to on or about the 7th day of August, 1985, in the County of Alameda, State of California, said defendant did then and there attempt to extort money and property from ROBERT HURTZ by threat.

District Attorney of the County
of Alameda, State of California

By William M. Baldwin
Assistant District Attorney

Alameda County Sheriff's Department 85-11703
Report taken by Deputy S. J. Rapoza #616

[6 pages of material from which the following is excerpted]

[From Page 1:]

MEYERS, Lawrence W.
5862 Running Hills, Livermore SSAN#296-66-2630

[From Pages 2-4:]

About 1735 hours, Wednesday, 8-7-85, I was contacted . . . by KURTZ and GYORY. KURTZ said he was the victim of an attempted extortion by a former roommate, MEYERS and GYORY had witness information. KURTZ related the following.

KURTZ said for the past 3-4 years he has known MEYERS. They had been friends and at time roommates. . . .

KURTZ said on or about 6-7-85, MEYERS came to his home on an unannounced social visit and during that time, MEYERS said he worked for Granada TV, Livermore, CA. On or about 6-10-85, MEYERS returned to KURTZ's home and made a sales presentation for a satellite TV antenna system. KURTZ was interested in the offer, told MEYERS to come back in a few days and he would be able to make a decision on the purchase. While waiting for MEYERS to return, KURTZ contacted Granada TV, Livermore, found they were an reputable firm and MEYERS did work for them.

On 6-18-85, MEYERS returned to KURTZ's home and a sales agreement was made for the purchase of the satellite antenna. A work order was prepared by MEYERS and a copy left with KURTZ. . . .

Between 6-18 to 7-1-85 MEYERS returned to KURTZ's home several times for social visits and to keep KURTZ appraised of his purchase of the satellite antenna.

On or about 7-6-85, KURTZ received a collect telephone call from MEYERS who said he was at HIGHLAND Hospital, Oakland, CA, in the psychiatric section. MEYERS asked KURTZ to come and visit him at the hospital. KURTZ did visit MEYERS at the hospital twice, between 7-6 and 7-15-85. On KURTZ's second visit, MEYERS told KURTZ he would be released from the hospital soon and would need a place to stay. He asked if he could stay at the KURTZ home. . . .

On 7-15-85 MEYERS arrived at KURTZ's home to live. Between 7-15 to 7-17-85, MEYERS was heavily medicated and slept most of the time. On and after 7-18-85, MEYERS became very agressive and aggitated in his actions and began taking on a military style attitude in his mannerism, associated with an active combat soldier. MEYERS began staying up 16 to 21 hours a day without sleep and engaged in military type war games of maneuvers in the backyard (a hill and canyon area). MEYERS repeatedly advised KURTZ and his roommate GYORY, that "You should make sure your enemy is killed on your first shot." MEYERS carried a boot knife and a hunting knife and talked quite a bit about firearms he had and could easily obtain. MEYERS also began a "surveillance" of the neighbors and set up radio equipment in his room, consisting of scanners, shortwave sets, telegraph keys, computers and tape recorders. MEYERS became very engrossed in tape recording everything broadcast on his scanners and advised KURTZ "You can't outrun a radio."

On 7-22-85, [omitted] DUGAN from Granada TV came to KURTZ's home for measurements for the purchased satellite antenna and at that time DUGAN told him that MEYERS no longer worked for Granada TV.

[Omitted section on argument whereby Meyers leaves the house. Later Meyers meets KURTZ at an underpass to return some items belonging to KURTZ and GYORY.]

KURTZ contacted MEYERS at the underpass and MEYERS handed KURTZ a note and drove off. KURTZ read the note and it was a hand printed note from MEYERS threatening to expose KURTZ as a homosexual and child molestor on TV and in newspapers across the country. The note ended with MEYERS advising KURTZ he had ordered a satellite antenna for him, it costs $5,000 and MEYERS wanted his money now. KURTZ said he dismissed the note as an idle threat . . .

On 8-5-85, GYORY told KURTZ he received a telephone call from MEYERS about 0930 to 1000 hours advising of the same threats KURTZ had already received and for KURTZ to check his mailbox. KURTZ went to his mailbox (on the roadway in front of his home) and found a hand written note apparently left by MEYERS. The note again threatened to expose KURTZ as a homosexual, child molester, pornographer and registered sex offender. It also threatened that MEYERS would impersonate a police officer, go to KURTZ's employer and advise him of the threats listed above. . . . MEYERS urged KURTZ to leave town, commit suicide or see a psychiatrist. Further, it threatened MEYERS could make a professional execution of KURTZ. . . .

[Remainder omitted.]

Text of Note Meyers Handed Kurtz at the Underpass


You will move out of your house, you will lose your job, you will have your name in all the papers. You will be arrested for child molestation. TV camera's will put your record collection and baseball cards and video games on TV sets across the country. Reporters will call Mike and your work and your father. I have a key to your house and I will tell the Hayward Police Dept. about you soliciting me to do lewd things on a camera for money. I will tell them about your photo's of naked little boys and I will contact the father's of every [unclear] coming in and out of your house. I have tapped your phone and bugged your house faggot. I know just how to [unclear] you so that everyone knows that you are gye who likes to play with little boy's penis's. You ordered a dish from me. The price is 5,000.00. NOW.

Alameda County Sheriff's Department 85-11709
Excerpt from Report of Sergeant J. W. Reasoner #583

MYERS, Lawrence William WMA, 8-14-58, 6'0", 140 lbs, Blnd, Blu.
Last Known Address:
5862 Running Hills, Livermore, Ca.

[omitted names]

. . . On Wednesday 8-7-85 . . . I received a call from a subject identifying himself as Larry MYERS. MYERS insisted that I tape the conversation to which I obliged after a short period of conversation. That call occurred at approximately 1005 hrs. . . . During that conversation MYERS willingly [said] that he was in fact extorting KURTZ for the sum of $5,000.00 and that it didn't matter if KURTZ paid the money, MYERS was going to kill him anyway. MYERS stated that he needed the money to finance his para-military operations against drug dealers and homosexuals in the area and that KURTZ deserved to die because he is a homosexual and child abuser. Throughout the conversation, MYERS spoke in a tone of voice and used terms consistant [with] and associated with military jargon. Further, during the conversation, MYERS stated that he had dealt with Lt. JOHNSON of Livermore Police Dept. . . . MYERS refers to other deaths of drug dealers that he had contributed to in the Livermore area and considered himself a highly trained American fighting man capable of ridding towns and cities of drug dealers and homosexuals.

At 1500 hrs on 8-7-85, I proceeded to Livermore Police Dept. where contact was made with Lt. JOHNSON. At that time I played a small portion of the taped conversation for JOHNSON. JOHNSON immediately identified the calling party as Larry MYERS stating that he would be willing to testify to the identity of the caller. JOHNSON further stated that he did in fact have dealing with MYERS in that MYERS wished to become a narcotics informant for Livermore Police. JOHNSON said that during that time, approximately two weeks prior to this date, Livermore Police attempted to test MYERS as an informant which failed. JOHNSON described MYERS as a "wanna-be" narcotics officer however, he could not supply any valid or useful information. JOHNSON said that MYERS could be capable of killing someone if pushed into it and described MYERS as mentally unstable. JOHNSON said he ultimately kicked MYERS out of the police station. . . .

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