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Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis, and the FCC

by J. Orlin Grabbe

"The uninitiated often struggle with the differences between the Christian Identity movement and the paganist neo-Nazis such as the Aryan Nations, as they share a virulent racism and antisemitism and have been known to cooperate on paramilitary ventures. The principal difference between the two is that unlike the neo-Nazis (who worship Odin, Thor and miscellaneous biker- gods but have no limiting illusions about morality or charity), Christian Identity folks think racism and antisemitism is OK because God and Jesus told `em so."

--Mike Vanderboegh, Commander, The First Alabama Cavalry Regiment Constitutional Militia

If you were going to commit a terrorist act for political purposes, you would need a) someone to commit the act, and b) someone to blame it on. People who want to draw attention to their cause often commit acts of terrorism, and then announce their own responsibility. But acts of violence are just as frequently fomented to discredit someone else. When governments commit terrorist acts, they typically blame anti-government groups or political opponents.

Which brings us to the "neo-Nazi" and "White Supremacy" connections to the Oklahoma City bombing. Certainly many of the people associated with the bombing hung out with, or were part of, religious or political enclaves who professed goals of white racial purity and of ridding the U.S. of blacks and Jews. But it is becoming increasingly hard to find any involvement in the bombing itself by "neo-Nazi" fellow travelers who were not in fact government agents or informants.

Moreover, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reportedly threatening to revoke the licenses of some news organizations it regulates who report these government ties. This in itself makes the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City look increasingly like a political act. President William Jefferson Clinton attributed the revival of his popularity after the 1994 election debacle to the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in OKC. ("Relaxing on Air Force One after the election, Bill Clinton told reporters it was the Oklahoma bombing that proved the turning point in his political fortunes."--Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, "Bomb that Gave Clinton Victory Could Still Return to Haunt Him," London Sunday Telegraph, Nov. 10, 1996.) The bombing supposedly discredited "right- wing" anti-government and anti-Clinton critics, talk radio hosts, and what- not.

But how a government-inspired mass murder of 168 American citizens is supposed to discredit anti-government sentiment is not clear. Moreover, it is probable that current FCC censorship threats are being directed from the White House and the Justice Department. (You should let the FCC know of what you think of its attempt to control the flow of news. Read them the text of the First Amendment. FCC contact information is given below.)

Consider the connections between assorted government informants with strange racial beliefs, the Oklahoma City bombing, and a string of mid- Western bank robberies. Let's begin with

  • CAROL HOWE, a former Miss Teenage America semi-finalist, Aryan goddess, and ATF snitch who filed some 70 reports with her ATF control officer Angela Finley in Tulsa on the events at ELOHIM CITY, especially the activities of DENNIS MAHON, ANDREAS CARL STRASSMEIR and TIMOTHY MCVEIGH--the latter whom she knew as "Tim Tuttle". She says she was contacted by DENNIS MAHON after ordering some literature from a group called White Aryan Resistance (WAR). Howe says she became an ATF snitch after Mahon threatened her because he wanted a closer relationship with her than she did. Howe also told J.D. Cash of the McCurtain Gazette about Elohim security advisor ANDREAS CARL STRASSMEIR: "I kinda had a relationship with him for a while . . . We talked about relationships once, and he said he wasn't interested in settling down with a woman. All he wanted to do was blow up Federal Buildings. It was also at that same meeting that he shoved his hand down my dress and I though, well, he was doing something else, but now that I think about it, I think he was feeling for a wire [recording device]." Howe says she went with ANDREAS STRASSMEIR and DENNIS MAHON to case the Murrah Federal Building as a possible bombing target. Howe's Tulsa housemate, James Dodson Viefhaus, was arrested in Dec. 1996 for a threat to bomb 15 U.S. cities. In addition to ammonium nitrate and other chemicals found in the house, a search turned up a picture of Viefhaus and Howe holding weapons and wearing swastikas on their clothing (David Harper, Tulsa World, Dec. 19, 1996).

  • ELOHIM CITY is a 400-acre compound located near Muldrow, Oklahoma, about thirty-five miles northwest of Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was founded in 1973 by ROBERT MILLAR, a Canadian who preaches that white Anglo-Saxons are God's chosen people, non-whites are descendants of pre-Adamic species lower than whites, and Jews are Satan's children. Two dozen of Millar's 34 grandchildren reside at Elohim City, making up about a quarter of the resident population. One granddaughter is married to JAMES ELLISON. Another is engaged to MICHAEL BRESCIA. Millar was present at the April 19, 1995, execution of RICHARD WAYNE SNELL, whose body he brought back to Elohim City for burial. Many visitors to Elohim City were sent there by Aryan Nation leader MARK THOMAS. After ANDREAS STRASSMEIR's move to Elohim City was arranged by his attorney (and possible control officer) Kirk Lyons, Strassmeir volunteered for, and became, Elohim City's chief of security.

  • ANDREAS CARL STRASSMEIR is the son of Guenter Strassmeir, "the architect of German reunification" who was once a top aide to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Andreas Strassmeir spent seven years in the German army and later became chief of security at ELOHIM CITY. His first action there was to replace all deer rifles with assault weapons, and to begin to hold military style training sessions. He told ATF snitch CAROL HOWE (according to Howe) that he just wanted to blow up federal buildings. Strassmeir told the London Telegraph that "I've never worked for any U.S government agency, and I've not been involved in any intelligence operation since my discharge from the German army in 1988." But he acknowledged he first lived in the U.S. in 1989 because "I was hoping to work for the operations section of the DEA. It never worked out." More revealingly, he noted that "the right- wing in the U.S. is incredibly easy to penetrate if you know how to talk to them. Of course it's easier for a foreigner with an accent. Nobody would ever suspect a German of working for the federal government." Strassmeir was assisted in his unsucessful attempts to get jobs with the DEA or INS by VINCENT PETRUSKIE, a retired Air Force Colonel and (Strassmeir says) CIA agent for whom Strassmeir arranged to buy used Boeing 747s from Lufthansa. Strassmeir was described by MARK THOMAS as a "nice, quiet, classically educated European," according to the Village Voice. Strassmeir received a social security number in 1989 in Virginia, and obtained a Tennessee driver's license in 1992, using a Knoxville address provided by his attorney Kirk Lyons. In 1991 some members of the Texas Light Infantry Brigade, a citizen's militia, followed Strassmeir to a federal building and observed him entering it at night using the key-pad. The following year in 1992, Catina Lawson, who lived in Herington, Kansas, remembers seeing Strassmeir along with TIMOTHY MCVEIGH, whom she dated. Lawson recalled that Strassmeir "liked to dress in black, and he was real cold and arrogant--a real jerk." McVeigh tried to reach Strassmeir by phone at ELOHIM CITY two weeks before the OKC bombing (on April 5). McVeigh also called Strassmeir's lawyer Kirk Lyons the day prior to the April 19, 1995, bombing. Two other witnesses, Larry and Cathy Wild, say they saw and talked with Strassmeir at a lake north of Herington the week before the OKC bombing (Laura Frank, "Oklahoma Probe May Touch Tennessee," The Tennessean, June 30, 1996). Herington is the Kansas location where McVeigh and TERRY NICHOLS supposedly bought and stockpiled the ingredients of an ANFO bomb used in the OKC bombing, and where McVeigh is alleged to have rented a Ryder truck (although at the time McVeigh was videotaped having a hamburger at a Junction City McDonalds). ATF informant CAROL HOWE says she cased the Murrah Federal Building in OKC as a possible bombing target with Strassmeir and DENNIS MAHON. Strassmeir fled back to Germany via Mexico after the McCurtain Gazette raised questions about his connection to the OKC bombing. According to Strassmeir's attorney Kirk Lyons, Strassmeir was assisted in his escape by GSG-9, the German counter-terrorism unit. A "highly-placed source at the FBI" confirmed to the McCurtain Gazette (July 14, 1996) that Strassmeir was a paid ATF informant sent to infiltrate ELOHIM CITY.

  • DENNIS MAHON is a former Imperial Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and a consultant to the White Aryan Resistance (WAR). He used to visit ELOHIM CITY for fellowship, target shooting, and to practice military maneuvers. Mahon claimed close friendship with ANDREAS CARL STRASSMEIR. "Mahon says he saw McVeigh at the same 1993 Tulsa gun show that Strassmeir attended but that he never talked to McVeigh" (Judy Thomas, Kansas City Star, March 17, 1996). Kirk Lyons, Andreas Strassmeir's attorney, told the German magazine Volkstreue: ". . . the Klan today is ineffective and sometimes even destructive. There are many spies within it and most of its best leaders have left the Klan to do more effective work within the movement. . . . The man who is mainly responsible for the success of the Klan in Germany--Dennis Mahon--has left the Klan."

  • MICHAEL BRESCIA has been identified as Joe Doe #2, and is listed in a $30 million lawsuit filed by Edye Smith (daughter of Glenn and Kathy Wilburn)-- along with TIMOTHY MCVEIGH, ANDREAS STRASSMEIR, and MICHAEL FORTIER. Edye Smith's two children, Chase and Colton, were killed in the Murrah Building bombing. The identification of Bescia as John Doe #2 was made by Catina Lawson, who dated TIMOTHY MCVEIGH for two years, and by Lawson's mother, Connie Smith. Brescia was also identified as Joe Doe #2 by DENNIS MAHON in an interview with the McCurtain Gazette. Brescia, a graduate of LaSalle High School in Philadelphia, dropped out of LaSalle University in his third year in 1993. He was introduced to ELOHIM CITY by Aryan Nation leader MARK THOMAS. There, according to ROBERT MILLAR, he shared a house with ANDREAS STRASSMEIR. According to the John Doe Times, a "man anwering Bescia's description has been identified by eyewitnesses located by the Wilburns (and known to the FBI) as having been in the company of MICHAEL FORTIER, ANDREAS CARL STRASSMEIR and TIM MCVEIGH in the Herington, KS area in the summer of `92 up to just before the bombing. Some of the wilder girls of Herington knew him as `Mike Breezy' " (6/28/96). A law enforcement source in the Philadelphia area called Brescia "an ATF agent provocateur". Brescia became engaged to a granddaughter of Robert Millar, Esther Millar, before returning to Philadelphia to resume courses at LaSalle University. He was recently arrested by the FBI and charged in connection with participating in at least one (in Madison, Wisconsin on Aug. 30, 1995) of the series of Midwestern bank robberies made by Langan, Gutherie, Stedeford, and McCarthy. After the robbery, Brescia returned to ELOHIM CITY. He then returned to his parents home in Philadelphia, and subsequently played with fellow bank robbers SCOTT STEDEFORD and KEVIN MCCARTHY in a Philadelphia-area speed-metal band called Cyanide.

  • MARK THOMAS ran a farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania, near Allentown that was frequented by skin-heads and members of the Aryan Nation. The goats in an outbuilding, Thomas said, provided milk for his daughter. Thomas delivered a eulogy for Robert Miles at an Aryan Nations gathering in Idaho. He held a Hitler Youth Festival at his Pennsylvania farm in April 1994, hanging a Nazi flag out front as a marker to guide visitors. Thomas introduced future bank robbers RICHARD GUTHERIE and SCOTT STEDEFORD to each other, and to future fellow bank robbers PETER LANGAN and KEVIN MCCARTHY. He also arranged for MCCARTHY to stay at ELOHIM CITY (according to Elohim City leader ROBERT MILLAR; Thomas denies this). Thomas published an Internet publication called The Watchman. A few days before the OKC bombing, Thomas visited his son at ELOHIM CITY.

    PETER LANGAN ("Commander Pedro") is the son of a CIA employee and a Wheaton High School dropout. Langan converted to Mormonism in 1988, but then became an ordained minister in a "Ku Klux Klan-affiliated church." Langan formed the "Aryan Republican Army" and produced a recruitment video entitled "The Aryan Republican Army Presents: The Armed Struggle Underground." Langan was arrested after robbing a Pizza Hut in Georgia in 1992 with RICHARD GUTHERIE. But he was sprung from jail by the Secret Service after agreeing to become an informant for them. The Secret Service wanted him to find Gutherie, who had threatened President George Bush. But after Langan re-established contact with Gutherie, the two men instead joined together for a spree of bank robberies. Langan was arrested in January 1996 after the FBI fired 50 rounds of ammunitions at him (he did not return fire) in Columbus, Ohio, and missed. Langan was charged with taking part in 22 bank robberies and convicted on February 10, 1997. Langan's lover Cherie Roberts appeared at the trial, referring to Langan as her "wife", whom she called "Donna". In their relationship, Roberts said, she dressed as a man, while Langan dressed as a woman and assumed a female role.

  • RICHARD LEE GUTHERIE confessed to 19 bank robberies on behalf of the Aryan Republican Army after being arrested by the FBI in Cincinnati in January 1996. Shortly after making a sealed deal with the FBI, and after telling The Los Angeles Times he was writing a tell-all book, he was found hanged by a bedsheet from a ceiling vent in his Covington, Kentucky, jail cell (Tanya Bricking, "Robber Commits Suicide," Cincinnati Enquirer, July 13, 1996). Gutherie was being held by the U.S. Marshal Service in the Kenton County Jail as a federal prisoner. More than a decade previously, Gutherie had tried to become a member of an elite Seals unit after joining the Navy, but was courtmarshaled in 1983 for allegedly painting a swastika on the side of a ship. He then studied engineering. In a series of bank robberies undertaken with PETER LANGAN, SCOTT STEDEFORD, and KEVIN MCCARTHY in 1994-5, Gutherie and the other members of the group variously wore Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton masks, Santa Claus suits, and ATF or FBI jackets. They left real and fake explosives at the scene to facilitate their getaway. The first holdup was a bank in Ames, Iowa, undertaken in January 1994 after Secret Service snitch and transsexual LANGAN re-established contact with Gutherie. But when "Wild Bill" Gutherie later began to act too crazy for the other members of the group, he was cut out of the action. So Gutherie went solo and robbed two banks in Cincinnati before being captured by the FBI. Gutherie then led the FBI to Langan's door, and agreed to testify against the other three members before his death.

  • SCOTT ANTHONY STEDEFORD, while a teenager attending Haveford High School, liked to create air-brush images of his favorite band--Van Halen. He later played in a speed-metal band called Cyanide, and reportedly also in a (different?) white-power band called Day of the Sword with fellow bank robbers and ELOHIM CITY visitors MICHAEL BRESCIA and KEVIN MCCARTHY. Stedeford was arrested in May 1996 in connection with the series of 22 Midwestern bank robberies after buying a used 1979 Buick LaSabre for $750 cash to use as a getaway car in Des Moines, Iowa. He was charged with the robbery of Boatman's Bank of West Des Moines. Stedeford's arrest was made at Sound Under, a recording studio in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a guitarist. He was later convicted for three of the robberies.

  • KEVIN MCCARTHY was arrested in the Bustletown area of Philadelphia two days after his friend SCOTT STEDEFORD was arrested in Upper Darby. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer Stedeford was done in by the perils of the Jersey shore: "When McCarthy was on the cusp of adolescence, his grandmother and her husband moved to the Jersey shore. It was there, against a Wildwood backdrop of Ferris wheels and taffy shops, that he began associating with skinheads" (6/30/96). He later lived for several months on MARK THOMAS's farm, before visiting ELOHIM CITY, whose leader ROBERT MILLAR would later say of Kevin's bank robbing spree: "If what they allege is true, I wonder who on earth could have influenced a nice boy like that to get involved in such things. He was a nice quiet, cooperative, intelligent person." McCarthy sported Nazi tatoos and played with STEDEFORD in the speed-metal band Cyanide. McCarthy plead guilty to involvement in three bank robberies, and became the chief witness against Stedeford in Stedeford's Des Moines trial in Nov. 1996. McCarthy also implicated MICHAEL BRESCIA in one of the bank robberies.

  • JAMES ELLISON is a former leader of the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord, another of whose members was RICHARD WAYNE SNELL. Ellison was convicted of racketeering and weapons charges after a four-day standoff beginning April 19, 1985, at the group's camp near the Arkansas-Missouri border. He subsequently became a federal witness against some ex- comrades at a 1988 trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is married to a granddaughter of ROBERT MILLAR and lives at ELOHIM CITY. Ellison and Snell cased the Murrah Federal Building as a bombing target in 1983.

  • TIMOTHY MCVEIGH showed up using the name "Tim Tuttle" at ELOHIM CITY before Chistmas 1994, according to CAROL HOWE. After finishing his service at Ft. Riley, McVeigh moved to Herington, Kansas, where he dated Catina Lawson, and was seen by Lawson and her mother Connie Smith in the company of MICHAEL BRESCIA. McVeigh was video-taped sitting in a Junction City McDonalds at the time the Ryder truck used to carry the OKC fertilizer bomb was rented. McVeigh's sister Jennifer told FBI agents he had given her three $100 bills in December 1994 to cash for him--saying it was money from a bank robbery he had helped plan. Barbara Wittenberg, owner of the Santa Fe Trails Diner in Herington, Kansas, remembers McVeigh, TERRY NICHOLS, and JOHN DOE #2 visiting her place on the Saturday before the OKC bombing: "I asked them why they had a Ryder truck outside. I wasn't being nosey, I just wondered if Terry Nichols was moving. My sister was moving here, and she needed to find a place. Well, the guy who they haven't arrested yet--John Doe #2--he blurted out that they were going to Oklahoma. When that happened, it was like someone threw ice water on the conversation. . . . McVeigh and Nichols just stared at the guy" (quoted by J.D. Cash, McCurtain Daily Gazette, July 14, 1996). Also, in a video-tape recorded on April 8, 1995, at Lady Godiva's, a Tulsa topless bar, a dancer repeats a customer's conversation: "I'm a very smart man . . . And on April 19, 1995, you'll remember me for the rest of your life." The customer has been identified as McVeigh, and the two men with him as MICHAEL BRESCIA, and ANDREAS STRASSMEIR. (The tape was shown in a Canadian Broadcast Company "Fifth Estate" news story.)

  • MICHAEL FORTIER pleaded guilty to transporting and selling stolen property, lying to the FBI (is lying to an unchartered division of the Justice Dept. a crime?), and failing to report the bombing plans of MCVEIGH and NICHOLS. He was a Kingman, Arizona, resident who sold some stolen guns taken from gun collector ROGER MOORE, on behalf of TIMOTHY MCVEIGH.

  • ROGER MOORE was a gun collector who was gagged and bound with duct tape in a daylight robbery by a masked robber wearing military camoflage near his Hot Springs, Arkansas, residence. The robber took $59,000 worth of guns, coins, precious metals and jade and a key to a Hot Springs safety deposit box. The key was later found among the property of TERRY LEE NICHOLS in Michigan. Some of the stolen guns were later sold to a Kingman, Arizona pawnshop by MICHAEL FORTIER, a local resident who said he did so at the bidding of TIMOTHY MCVEIGH, a former house guest of Moore. Some grand jurors believe this robbery was used to finance the OKC bombing.

  • RICHARD WAYNE SNELL, a member of the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord, was executed in Arkansas the day of the OKC bombing (April 19, 1995). He told Arkansas prison officials four days previously there would be a bombing (location not specified) the day of his death. Snell had killed a black Arkansas state trooper and a jeweler he "thought was Jewish." ROBERT MILLAR was in attendance at the execution, and took the body back to ELOHIM CITY for burial. Snell had cased the Murrah Federal Building in OKC as a bombing target with JAMES ELLISON in the early 1980s.

  • VINCENT PETRUSKIE of Manassas, Virginia, is a retired Air Force Colonel who tried to help federal- building-bombing-advocate and ELOHIM CITY chief of security ANDREAS STRASSMEIR get a job with the DEA or INS. Strassmeir in turn helped Petruskie negotiate a multi-million dollar purchase of Boeing 747s from Lufthansa for a client of Petruskie Associates who was starting an air cargo service in South America. Strassmeir told an investigator that Petruskie was "a former CIA guy who my father had known" while Petruskie was stationed in Berlin. Petruskie denies he was a CIA agent, saying he worked for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

  • BILL MUELLER, his wife Nancy, and her eight-year old daughter Sarah were reported missing in January 1996. They had been murdered and dumped in the Illinois Bayou near Russellville in northwestern Arkansas. The adults were found to have handcuffed, while the heads of all three were covered with duct-taped plastic bags. In a November 1995 interview at Little Rock's I-30 Expo Center, Mueller told The Common Sense American about a burglary at his home, and about ATF objections to anti-Clinton themes (such as "Clinton--Blow It Out Your Sax") at his show booth: "It's been one strange thing after another. First the ATF tells me things in my booth have to be removed. Then I'm introduced to another strange character, ANDY STRASSMEIR, who seemed to parrot the same ATF line, and he introduced me to a real far-out guy named MICHAEL BRESCIA. He bought an item in the booth and I gave him change for a $10 bill. He insisted it was a $20. It was real weird." Mueller said he wrote the names in a small notebook because he had a feeling both persons might be connected to his home's burglary or even the ATF. George Eaton, published of the Patriot Report also told the Common Sense American (July 12, 1996) that he introduced Mueller to ANDY STRASSMEIR, who was a friend of Oklahoma bombing suspect TIMOTHY MCVEIGH.

  • So, we have three ATF snitches involved in planning the bombing, one Secret Service snitch robbing banks, and many witnesses contradicting the official story that McVeigh acted alone with a little help from Terry Nichols. Meanwhile the FBI now denies there was a John Doe #2, while it avoids interviewing any of these embarrassing witnesses. But the White House and Justice Department, and now the FCC, find time to pressure news organizations not to report the story. And, of course, no one wants to talk about those exposives placed on the columns of the Murray Building as pointed out by General Benton K. Partin and in the secret Pentagon report.

    What do you think is going on?

    Call or fax the following FCC Commissioners and ask them if it is true they are threatening to pull the plug on stations who report the facts on government connections to the Oklahoma City bombing (or any other government connections to criminal activity). Ask them if they believe in the First Admendment. (The FCC, of course, "never" engages in "censorship": it finds some "other" reason to give a TV studio or radio station a hard time.) You can view pictures, biographies, and speeches of the Commissioners on the Web at http://www.fcc.gov/commissioners.html.

    REED HUNDT was named FCC Chairman by Bill Clinton and sworn in by Al Gore. His term expires June 30, 1998. He went to Yale Law School (1974). His biography says "Chairman Hundt is the first Chairman to bring FCC operations into the communications age" (which makes one wonder what the FCC was supposed to have done before the communications age). But never mind that. He received the "Public Service Award to Children" for being a "staunch advocate for children." Ask him if that includes the 19 children killed at the OKC bombing. Phone: 202-418-1000.

    JAMES QUELLO's commission was due to expire July 31, 1996, but apparently he was reappointed. He has written about the "FCC's Regulatory Overkill" in the Wall Street Journal. Phone 202- 418-2000.

    SUSAN NESS has a law degree from Boston College Law School and an MBA from Wharton. She invites you "to share your own perspectives with me". Phone 202-418-2100. Fax 202-418-2821.

    RACHELLE CHONG is the only Republican Commissioner. She is a Star Trek fan and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and says she enjoys surfing the Internet. Phone: 202-418-2200. Fax: 202-418- 2820. Email: rchong@fcc.gov

    February 16, 1997
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