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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XV

by J. Orlin Grabbe

The world of money laundering is a difficult one. What are you going to do when your wire transfers to the Caribbean and other offshore centers won't go through? What are you going to do when one-third (as of August 8, 1995) of certain government computers are down with a virus? Or is it a worm? Or an octopus?

Did the NSA, in its zeal to modify the PROMIS software to spy on banking and other transactions, create a massive security hole in computer systems sending wire transfers?

Well, I do hear it is a nice time to go vacationing in the islands, even for day trips! Perhaps FinCEN could relocate to Havana?

[Note to Julie Franklin: Over here in Reno, we're always last to get the news. Well, I'm a taxpayer. Please put me on your list. In the future please fax all computer disconnect info to 702-829-0852. Thanks.]

Which brings us to the subject of Ed Meese. At the end of Reagan's second term as governor of California, Meese needed a new job. He worked at Rohr Industries for a while. But it didn't suit him, so Richard Mellon Scaife set up the San Diego Center for Criminal Justice on condition that Ed Meese be its Director, a post Meese held 1977-1980.

Later, after Ed Meese became Attorney General of the U.S. and the the people-tracking PROMIS software was stolen by the U.S. Justice Department using (according to a federal bankruptcy judge) "trickery, deceit, and fraud", Ed Meese's friend Earl Brian--then owner of Financial News Network, UPI, and Hadron corporation--proceeded to market the software all over the world, as well as to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

One agency that acquired the software was FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which proceeded to create a data base of political dissidents to be rounded up in event of a national emergency. (Like any information, once collected it found multiple uses.) This data base was called MAINCORE, and the FEMA MAINCORE system was operated out of the basement of a building in Culpeper, VA.

Journalist Danny Casolaro, with the help of Alan Standorf, was able to get printouts of this totalitarian application of the PROMIS software just prior to his demise. (When a member of congress attempted to question Oliver North about the FEMA MAINCORE data base, he was rudely shouted down by the chairman of the investigative committee.)

Another agency that put the software to use was the Wackenhut Corporation. It used the enhanced PROMIS to keep track of critics of the nuclear industry, an area in which Richard Mellon Scaife has a vested financial interest.

Now Mellon bank in Pittsburgh finds itself embroiled in very serious money laundering charges.

Do these facts explain why the Little-Rock connection to the theft and modification of the PROMIS software for the purpose of spying on banking transactions is a subject carefully avoided in Scaife-sponsored political advertisements?

Is this why the Mena-drug-smuggling, Little-Rock-money-laundering operation allegedly stops with Bill Clinton?

Is this why the connection of Vince Foster both to bank spying and nuclear espionage has been carefully downplayed?

Do Scaife's investments in the "terrorism industry" have anything to do with recent media hyping of the imminent threat to the U.S. of "international" terrorism?

Scaife's exposing of the sins of the Democrats has certainly served a useful purpose. But don't think the story stops with Bill Clinton.

Perhaps the reason that Mr. Kenneth Starr's independent investigation into the Whitewater affair has gone so slowly is that Mr. Starr, in order to nail Bill Clinton, has to also nail a number of high-ranking Republicans?

Well, Mr. Starr, let the facts fall where they may. I have confidence in you. You do want to be Attorney General someday, don't you? If you can find your way to do the right thing, you'll certainly deserve the position.

Otherwise the wily hackers of the world may have to do your job for you.