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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXI

by J. Orlin Grabbe

I went to Pittsburgh to visit the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Orphans' Court Division.

There was a hearing involving Mary Meadows Allen versus Mellon Bank, concerning the alleged trust of James Meadors, W.R. Meadors, and Joshua William King. A certain group of people were claiming they had been cheated out of their inheritance, and that Mellon Bank was hiding the money.

Mellon Bank had gotten the idea something was up on Tuesday, August 8, when Mellon computers displayed the message: "You've been had."

[This was four days after a virus percolated through NSA computers, beginning in Ames, Iowa, or thereabouts. Julie Franklin out of Maryland fired off several missives:

"We Have Had a 'virus' on our system. DO NOT ACCEPT any Wire transfers from this location till furthers NOTICE" one said.

"We have tentative ID. the virus that hit our DEC system, At this point the virus has taken 92.0% of the CPU cycles. It is a GOVERNMENT BLACK CYCLE. DISCONNECT FROM ALL TELEPHONE LINES NOW" read another.]

Before the Pittsburgh hearing, Richard Mellon Scaife had called up the investigator for Mary Allen and asked him, "What do you want to settle this thing?"

"I want the whole United States with a white picket fence around it--and not one board yellow," came the reply. Scaife didn't seem to think this was a reasonable request.

Later, talking to some of the Mellon people, the investigator explained his court goal thusly: "Just pay the electric bill, and hand me the keys to Mellon Bank."

At the hearing on Monday, August 28, I was privileged to watch a vice-president of Mellon Bank, Michael Mullaugh, perjure himself with respect to some records he said he couldn't find, and some assets he said he didn't have.

As far as I could tell the hearing served two purposes, one of them being the previously mentioned perjury charge against Mellon Bank. The other involved the separation of Mary Allen's case from that of a certain Ann Helmon, who claimed to represent some of the hidden-money heirs.

Mellon's attorney, Gregory Jordan, seemed oblivious to what was happening, and went out of his way to also jump on Ann Helmon himself. He had prepared his case based on some checks with missing check numbers which were marked "Property of Ann Helmon." Helmon said she had gotten these checks from a mysterious man named "Frank".

Mary Allen's attorney had copies of some of the same checks--but with check numbers and Federal Reserve markings included. Mellon's attorney didn't seem to notice these little differences.

After the hearing, Ann Helmon's attorney was seen--curiously enough--making a visit to Mellon Bank.

All in all, neither Mellon Bank nor Ann Helmon appeared to emerge in good shape.

By the end of the week, on Thursday and Friday, a few large customers had begun to pull their deposits out of Mellon Bank. This included the CIA, which had placements through some Latin American companies. Does the CIA know something?

Also, on the day of the hearing, a purchase of Pittsburgh's Integra Financial Corp. by National City Corp. of Cleveland was announced. The latter institution is said to be controlled by the Cleveland Mafia. Is the Mellon stranglehold on Pittsburgh slipping?

Mellon problems have emerged elsewhere. A grand jury subpoena-- issued by the assistant U.S. attorney for the Western District of Kentucky, Julie Brown Apperson, pursuant to a U.S. Postal Service investigation-- dated August 3, 1995, asks Mellon Bank to provide "Any and all records regarding (1) Spindletop Oil & Gas Co., W.R. Medders Escrow Account No. 51-202901 and (2) United Gas Pipe Line Company, Account no. 043301601."

To add to the festivities, one of Mellon's goons loosened the transmission plug, drained the brake fluid, and partially cut one of the brake lines in one of the cars I was privileged to ride around in.

Well, Mr. Scaife, as Jack Kerouac noted in Dr. Sax, "The universe consumes its own evil." And you, Sir, are about to fall into a black hole.

[ To be continued ]