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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXII

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Question: What do you call six lawyers up to their necks in sand?

Answer: Not enough sand.

Take the case of James Hamilton, Attorney-at-Law and Prevaricator-for-Hire. Here is a letter he wrote to a friend of mine.
James Hamilton
Swidler & Berlin
(202) 424-7826

August 15, 1995


Mr. James R. Norman
Senior Editor
Forbes, Inc.
Forbes Building
60 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10011

Dear Mr. Norman:

This concerns your August 12, 1995 letter on Forbes letterhead to Margaret Kirsch Cohen of the Mellon Bank, which is attached. Please know that the allegations contained in the first paragraph of that letter are completely false [Jim noted, as did I in Part 17, that it appeared that Sheila Foster Anthony effected a wire transfer of about $286,000 from a branch of Mellon Bank to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster four days prior to Vince Foster's death]. Indeed, Mrs. Anthony, whose former government position you misdescribe [Jim referred to her as "Assistant U.S. Attorney" instead of "Assistant Attorney General"], never has maintained an account at a branch or affiliate of Mellon Bank and never has made a wire transfer of any amount to Lisa Foster.

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Anthony are astonished and incensed that you would communicate such allegations to three prominent Congressmen without even giving me the opportunity to deny them, which I would have done most emphatically. What legitimate journalistic purpose did this serve? You and your magazine run a serious risk of litigation by publicizing untrue allegations about the Foster family.


				James Hamilton
				Counsel for the Foster Family


cc:   The Honorable Newt Gingrich
      The Honorable James Leach
      The Honorable William F. Clinger
      Mr. Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr.
	 President and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes
      Mr. James W. Michaels, Editor, Forbes
      Ms. Margaret Kirsh Cohen
	(all by telecopier)

Well, gee, Mr. Hamilton, I can't speak for Jim, but I didn't give you an opportunity to deny this wire transfer prior to posting news of it on the Internet because, frankly, I wanted to spare myself the embarrassment of watching your nose grow. Consider it an aesthetic choice.

For your information, I believe the evidence on this wire transfer is in the hands of Mr. Kenneth Starr, not to mention some of the politicians on your cc list.

You might want to find out what Lisa Foster did with that $286,000 (and change). You know--so you can get your denials ready.

By the way, Mr. Hamilton, were you aware that Sheila's husband Beryl Anthony, former Arkansas congressman who is now with the Washington office of the law firm of Winston & Strawn, has as a client Alltel Information Services (formerly Systematics)? In Part 2 of this series we saw that another lawyer, Charles O. Morgan, denied any connection between Vince Foster and Systematics.

So, Mr. Hamilton, why don't you go stand in the corner with Charles O. Morgan.

The dump truck with the sand will be along shortly.

[to be continued]