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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXIII

by J. Orlin Grabbe

1. Did George Bush, while President, set up a Plumbers Unit that reported directly to him?

2. Was this unit assigned to spy on the Ross Perot campaign?

3. Did one member of this unit, a former DIA banking software expert named Jim Cofield, spread some sexual information concerning Perot's daughter for political purposes?

4. Did Jim Cofield get his banking software experience through Earl "Cash" Brian--the Meese crony who marketed the stolen PROMIS software all over the world; who was recently seen in Switzerland; and who was indicted on Tuesday, September 5, in California, and charged with conspiracy, bank fraud, securities fraud, and making false statements to the SEC while an officer of Financial News Network (FNN) and United Press International (UPI) ?

5. Did another member of the Bush Plumber's Unit named Robert Goetzman (a purveyor of bugged computer hardware) claim the day of Foster's death that "we killed Foster. We did him somewhere else, but we dumped him in a queer park to send Clinton and his queer wife a message"?

6. Did Dee Dee Myers give Vince Foster a blowjob the afternoon he died?

[to be continued]