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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXIV

by J. Orlin Grabbe

The question of who killed Vince Foster is less problematical than the question of who approved the hit. A good bit of evidence says it wasn't Bill Clinton who gave the order.

A good bit of evidence says the hit took place under emergency conditions--a spontaneous, last-minute solution when Vince Foster failed to react in expected fashion to a $286,000 attempted bribe.

A good bit of evidence says the hit was not an authorized, legally-approved government action--one that would protect the assassins under an umbrella of national security.

A good bit of evidence says the hit was done in an unprofessional fashion by people who talked too much and drank too much.

The Bush Plumbers Unit that was assigned to spy on the Perot campaign continued in existence after the election of William Jefferson Clinton to the Presidency. The Unit at various times included Robert Goetzman (FBI), Jim Cofield (DIA), "Gary" Tomlinson (CIA), Peter Stanley (FBI), Wes Thomas (my sources say CIA; Thomas denies this), Dale Helm (CIA), and Debra von Trapp (Trapp Technologies).

According to Debra von Trapp, Bob Goetzman appeared drunk on both alcohol and adrenaline when he called her in California from Washington DC., around 11 p.m. EST on the evening of July 20, 1993.

"We did him! We did him!"

"Did who?"

"Vince Foster."

"What do you mean?"

"We did him!"

"Well, where did you do him?"

"Well, we did him somewhere else, but we dumped him in a queer park to send Clinton and his queer wife a message!"

The confusion and lack of preparation on the part of the White House seems evident. Two days later, on Thursday afternoon, July 22, at a press conference, Dee Dee Myers--who was in a good position to know that Foster had not committed suicide--said Park Police had been there that morning looking for a suicide note. Apparently no one had thought to prepare one in advance of the hit.

Sarah McClendon has reported that Vince Foster was scheduled to meet with Bill Clinton on Wednesday, July 21. But the President's schedule is made by others, and apparently Vince Foster was led to believe such a meeting was planned, but Bill Clinton was not aware of it. Apparently Foster was being suckered by other members of the White House.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, July 20, Foster was set up for the kill via a sexual liaison with a "blonde" whose hairs were found on Foster's clothing after his demise.

Goetzman explained to Von Trapp that Foster had "gotten entrepreneurial" in selling NSA codes to the Israelis. The use of the word "entrepreneurial" implies selling information on an unapproved basis. Goetzman himself, meanwhile, was selling in- formation to the Japanese, apparently on an approved basis.

Who authorized Goetzman to make the hit? Was George Bush involved? Was Hillary Clinton involved? Were both involved? Such a coalition is not unthinkable.

It is certainly not any more improbable than the list of dinner guests at Al Gore's during the 1995 Labor Day weekend: Bill Bradley (uncertain political affiliation), Harry Reid (D-NV), Pat Schroeder (D-CO), Newt Gingrich (R-GA), and Janet Reno (Attorney General).

What do you suppose the topic of conversation was?

[to be continued]