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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXII

by J. Orlin Grabbe

1. Why has George Stephanopoulos been privately circulating his resume? Is he getting the ax for playing Hillary against Bill, or is he, like Abner Mikva, just abandoning a sinking ship?

2. Why doesn't Stephanopoulos tell us what he knows about that meeting between Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster at Michael Cardozo's estate the weekend before Vince Foster died? You were there, weren't you George?

3. Why has Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr asked San Diego chief medical examiner Dr. Brian Blackbourne to join Dr. Henry Lee in examining the evidence regarding Foster's death? Didn't Mike Wallace say that CBS had already answered most of the questions? Mike, why haven't you sent your answers to Kenneth Starr? And while you are at it, why don't you explain to us who is making money off your own little "investigations"?

4. Why did Mike Wallace refer to James Hamilton as Lisa Foster's "family lawyer"? Why didn't he tell us that James Hamilton was a personal friend of Bill Clinton and the Clinton-Gore transition Counsel for Nomination and Confirmation 1992-3? Why didn't Mike Wallace simply spend fifteen minutes interviewing Mike McCurry of the White House Press Office, so that he could better demonstrate the award-winning quality of his journalism?

5. What happened to the $286,000 (and change) that Sheila F. Anthony had transferred to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster four days before Vince Foster died? How much of it ended up in the pockets of James Hamilton?

6. Why did The New Yorker run a decidedly non-literary, rambling interview with Lisa Foster? Why did Lisa Foster claim Vince didn't take one-day trips to Switzerland, when American Express records show he did? Why didn't Lisa Foster discuss that little $286,000 (and change) payment she received just prior to her husband's death? Was The New Yorker interview part of a cover-up campaign?

7. Why has Richard Mellon Scaife been talking to Don Tyson the past couple of weeks? Were they discussing Chicken McNuggets? Or do they have a common interest in covering up something? Was their conversation related to that $286,000 (and change) payment to Lisa Foster that was transferred out of Mellon Bank? Was it related to a common interest in money laundering? Was it related to a common interest in the sale of weapons technology?

8. Why has Wackenhut Corporation been guarding the bus station in Little Rock? If one of those buses has an accident, will it go BOOM? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the facilities of Kennemetal when it was smuggling machine tools to Iraq? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the facilities of Westinghouse when it was smuggling nose cones to Iraq? Isn't there missing plutonium at some of the nuclear facilities Wackenhut is allegedly guarding? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the Mena airport when it was this nation's drug- smuggling center?

9. What was in those NSA notebooks that Vince Foster kept in Bernard Nussbaum's safe? Newsweek informs that it was "legal questions about national emergencies, such as the outbreak of war". Since when does the White House get its legal advice from the National Security Agency? Does Newsweek think all its readers are blithering idiots? Was not Vince Foster in fact the Rose Law Firm lawyer overseeing a Systematics project to spy on banking transactions, on behalf of the NSA? Was not one of the notebooks blue, thus color-coded to indicate nuclear matters?

10. What Systematics document did Webb Hubbell show Vince Foster the night before he died? Did it show evidence of money transfers? Was it a computer printout representing high crimes and misdemeanors?

11. Why has no one interviewed Robert Goetzman about his knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the death of Vince Foster? Why has no one asked him to explain the evidential discrepancies at Ft. Marcy Park?

12. Why did a New York forensic pathologist, recently shown ALL the evidence on Vince Foster's death, conclude that he died at approximately the moment of ejaculation? Was this because Vince Foster was set up to be killed by a woman with blonde/brownish hair? What can you say about a White House that doesn't even protect its own employees?

13. Why did three forensic handwriting experts conclude that the Vince Foster note was a forgery? Who in the White House wants us to think Foster's death was a suicide? Who in the White House has so much to hide they are willing to commit a criminal act of forgery of evidence and obstruction of justice?

[to be continued]