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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXV

by J. Orlin Grabbe

If we wanted to construct a chronology (or time-scale) of Vince Foster's movements the afternoon he died, there are four known events around which to fill in the time gaps.

#1: The exit of Vince Foster's car from the White House parking lot. Prior to Foster's exit, a Secret Service agent placed a concealed transponder on his car. This transponder was reportedly working when the car left the parking lot and jurisdictional responsibility passed from the Secret Service to the FBI.

But the FBI subsequently lost track of Foster's car. This is in itself hard to comprehend. Was the transponder deactivated in some unknown manner? Or was there FBI complicity in "loss" of the signal? When the car was later recovered, the transponder was missing.

Complicating the picture is the apparent destruction of evidence by someone in the White House. Firstly, the videotapes showing the attachment of the transponder (Secret Service dogs were used to sniff the car for bombs as a diversionary cover while this was done) are missing. The tapes could have been removed by anyone with access to the room where the videotapes are stored. Secondly, however, movement in and out of the storage room is itself videotaped. But the tape which recorded access to the storage room is blank.

#2: The entry into Vince Foster's apartment at [address temporarily withheld] by Foster and a woman with brownish-blonde hair. That this apartment is Foster's is confirmed both by the landlord and by banking records of Foster's rental payments. The front entrance to Foster's apartment was being videotaped as part of an on-going national security investigation into espionage by members of the White House. The woman in the tape has been identified as an Israeli agent.

#3: The exit from Vince Foster's apartment by the woman with brownish-blonde hair, along with a three-man Mossad search team. Entry into the apartment by the team is not recorded (suggesting a back entrance into the apartment), nor is Foster's subsequent exit. This suggests several possibilities.

Foster may have been killed in the apartment, and the body subsequently removed, or Foster may have left the apartment by the back exit and been killed elsewhere.

It is natural to speculate that the Mossad team killed Foster in the apartment. But it is not clear they did so. The individuals in the team have been identified, and their skills are believed to lie more in the rifling of apartments, rather than in assassination.

It is also natural to speculate that the woman entering the apartment with Foster was the woman whose hair samples were later found in Foster's shorts. However, this does not appear to be the case. The blondish hairs in Foster's shorts instead match those of a member of the White House press office who was subsequently arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated (and whose quality blowjobs were known to some members of the White House).

If we add to this evidence the conclusion of a New York forensic pathologist (who does work for the CIA) that Foster died at approximately the moment of ejaculation, it would thus appear there may be as many as three women who show up in the evidence pertaining to Foster's final day: 1) a woman working in the White House who engaged in oral sex with Foster, possibly earlier in the day; 2) an Israeli agent who was taped entering Foster's apartment with him; 3) a woman who was with Foster at the moment he died.

The "three" women become two if we assume that the Israeli agent who entered Foster's apartment with him was also present at the time of his death, implying she set him up for the kill. But if so, then who took the body to Ft. Marcy Park? The "three" women also become two if the White House staffer was with Foster when he died. (She is not currently a suspect in his death.)

#4: The receipt of a 911 report of a body in Ft. Marcy Park by Dispatcher Marion White of the Fairfax County Public Safety Communications Center at 5:59.59 p.m. It is probable that the people who dumped Foster's body at Ft. Marcy Park were also responsible for his death, and it is possible that they were somehow involved with the FBI's losing of Foster's movements despite the placement of a transponder on Foster's car. Nullifying the transponder signal might require special electronic skills, such as those possessed by the National Security Agency. Otherwise, complicity to "lose" the target by someone in the FBI is a possibility.

A thorough search of Ft. Marcy Park by an FBI team using x- ray scanners to detect lead either in tree branches or in the ground surface failed to turn up a bullet. The obvious explanation is that Foster's body was transported there from another location.

Why did Hillary Rodham Clinton call 202-628-7087 at 10:41 p.m., Little Rock Time, on July 20, 1993, the evening following Vince Foster's death? The number is a CIA number, one that by- passes control, and that is intended to be used only in an emergency. Who was Hillary talking to at CIA and why? Unlike Bill Clinton, who was recruited for the CIA by Cord Meyer while Bill was in London, Hillary was never a CIA employee. Why would she have the number in her possession, and--more importantly--who was she talking to?

Why has CIA director John Deutch personally intervened to promote a cover-up of the circumstances of Vince Foster's murder? Did he make a Faustian pact with Bill Clinton to provide protection from investigatory bodies in return for a free hand in enhancing the value of his defense industry investments? What is the meaning of "national security" when the national security apparatus is directed by a White House that has engaged in nuclear espionage on behalf of a foreign power?

[to be continued]