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The Phosphorus-Headed Missile and TWA Flight 800

by J. Orlin Grabbe

In "Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo" I reported that TWA Flight 800 had been taken down by a missile with a phosphorus head.

The phosphorus head was originally designed to take out fuel tanks. An oil storage tank, for example. The low-powered explosive behind the phosphorus scatters it somewhat, and the glowing phosphorus ignites the surrounding fuel in the target. This type of missile is well-known in the intelligence community.

The exterior surface of the phosphorus warhead is covered with a substance that flakes off in the atmosphere. The phosphorus will not be exposed until the missile travels a certain distance. Then the exposed phosphorus will begin to incandesce. The missile is laser-guided to a locked-in target from the body behind the head, and the glowing head does not interfere with the missile's guidance system. (This system differs from a normal Stinger, which has a passive infrared seeker.)

About six inches behind the missile's phosphorus head is a small door that gives access to the missile's three or four computer boards. These boards guide the missile to its target, set the detonation configuration, and so on.

In this missile, the explosive behind the head and the missile propellant are one and the same. It represents a more recent technological development than C-12.

The sophistication of the missile suggests it was stolen from military inventory or purchased from a foreign power (one of the many to which the U.S. sells similar munitions).

The terrorist group involved, which gave advance warning of the attack to the New York office of the FBI, was trained in Syria's college devoted to terrorism (guerrilla warfare), and is additionally believed to be working on behalf of Syria. Basically speaking, Syria wants the U.S. and France to back off from the pressure they've been exerting on Syria to give up any claim to the Golan Heights. Syria is sending out a "don't tread on me" statement.

The group, believed to have fired the missile from a small boat off the shore of Long Island (and to have used a stationary missile launcher), targeted (and hit) the center fuel tank on TWA Flight 800. The initial explosion spread from there to the nearest fuel tank in the right wing, and blew off engine number three.

An intelligence analysis of the correlated satellite and radar data, which pin-points both the flight path of the missile and of TWA Flight 800, indicates that TWA Flight 800 was taken out at around 7600 feet. A spectral analysis of the satellite data shows the missile was phosphorus- headed.

The FBI has persistently lied about its knowledge that a missile was involved. The FBI general consensus is "we can't let the public know". The public would put pressure on the organization to do something about the terrorist threat--one they have no idea how to handle. So, instead, the FBI lies about the real terrorist threat, continues to feed the media false details (including falsified radar data), and in the meantime asks the Congress for more authority to wiretap ordinary American citizens and to put limitations on their access to cryptology.

August 26, 1996
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