PROMIS comment

by J. Orlin Grabbe

I run links to a lot of articles that I think are of interest. Some I basically agree with, some I violently disagree with, but none of them do I think are a waste of time. Like this one. It provides a useful overview, and I keep thinking that somewhere, somewhen, someone will get a clue. I've long given up caring whether they do or not.

That being said, I have to make a few comments on this series of jpegs of pages from the From the Wilderness story of PROMIS. Some of the comments may hurt; but the truth often does. When you play with fire, you acquire a responsibility, and irresponsible people should shut the fuck up.

Item: "While we do not claim to be worthy of pulling Excalibur from the stone . . ."

Item: ". . . one of three best informed open sources on the story in the world, William Tyree."

Comment: Is there some discrepancy here? "I don't have a clue, but I can authoritatively tell you here is a world expert on the subject." It's like: "I don't know anything about history, but my neighbor, who is older than I, is a genius in the subject."

Item: "The First Rip Off"

Comment: This wasn't the first rip-off. The first rip-off was when Bill Hamilton took a program created with public funds, and attached his and Inslaw's name to it. That was the first rip-off. The second rip-off was that of Meese/Brian/Lowell et al.

Item: "Confidential documents obtained by FTW indicate that much of the AI development was done at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia Labs . . ."

Comment: Don't forget to read that top-secret document Fostergate, by Jim Norman.

Item: "So meticulously researched and documented is the book [The Last Circle] that FTW's researcher 'The Goddess' has fact checked it and found it flawless."

Comment: Gee, if I had stolen a collection of Michael Riconosciuto's files, I could write a good summary of them also. It's amazing the number of people who have turned themselves into "geniuses" by ripping off Riconosciuto. That's okay, I guess. Riconosciuto still has plenty of genius left over.

Item: "The Last Circle describes in detail how Promis software was modified by Riconosciuto to allegedly include the back door 'eavesdropping' capability but also enhanced with one form of AI and subsequently applied to the development of new weapons systems including 'ethnospecific' biowarfare compounds capable of attacking specific races."

Comment: If the writer gets time, he will find it helpful to actually read the book. Then he won't sound like such a clueless asshole. It's really not necessary to tie everything Riconosciuto was involved in to the PROMIS software. To do so becomes implicit disinformation distracting from the very real and everyday role PROMIS played in the financial world. Next we are liable to hear that PROMIS keeps track of worldwide methamphetamine distribution. Come on. Give everyone a break.

Item: "Bill McCoy, a loveable sixty-something giant"

Comment: In one of my Vince Foster posts, I asked if Dee Dee Myers gave Vince Foster a blowjob the day he died. Unlike some of the questions I asked, I already knew the answer to this one. I never provided details, because I don't consider other people's blowjobs any of my business--except that this was relevant to the story.

Bill Hamilton was appalled at this piece of crassness. Even Sarah McClendon, God bless her lovable old soul, was shocked. (Sarah was a tireless defender of the Clintons, but she was assisted in this by some of her top sources, such as an in-law who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA]. So she was regularly fed slanted information, stemming from Clinton's Devil's Pact with the defense establishment, a part of which involved helping the DIA crowd-out the CIA to take over the intelligence apparatus. In any event, Clinton sent his covert jobs to the DIA, and bypassed the CIA.)

But McCoy thought my question was funny (and not inappropriate), and he called me up and we had a good laugh about it. McCoy was always okay in my book, and I was saddened by his death.

Item: "It is not by chance that most of the military and all of the intelligence agencies in the U.S. now operate on Macintosh systems."

Comment: Right. And Al Gore is a clone of Jesus Christ.

Item: "George W. Bush's lackluster firm Harken Energy. 'W' is a Harvard graduate."

Comment: Yes, just like his father. If the writer can't pay even minimal attention to the news, he should at least do some Internet research. If Jehovah's Witnesses show up at this moron's door, they should skip the "Have you heard of Christ?" and go directly to "Have you heard of Yale?" (Yes, W. did get an MBA from Harvard Business School. That doesn't make him a Harvard graduate.)

Item: Inslaw-Promis flow chart.

Comment: Does this look like a cheap attempt to diagram my Vince Foster series (which appeared prior to this diagram) or what? Of course, all of my writings were top secret. You had to know how to get on the Internet. (And it doesn't matter where you are. Chip Tatum once told me how he used to make copies of my posts and pass them around in the prison he was at.)

Item: "Stephens' financial firm Alltel, heir to Systematics"

Comment: If you are going to rip-off my Vince Foster series, at least get the story straight. Alltel is the Arkansas phone company. Jackson sold Systematics to Alltel, whereupon it became Alltel Information Services. And so on for other details which have been out on the Internet for over FOUR years.

Item: "identity of the Sergeant Major"

Comment: Gee, life's just full of little mysteries, isn't it?

October 8, 2000

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