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	Nov 1993 to Present:  President, Kalliste Inc.  Kalliste Inc. 
	is a multimedia publishing firm.


	July 1992-Oct 1994: Consultant, Barclays Bank.  Development of 
	a commodity derivatives trading and commodity derivatives banking 
	operation. Development of a commodities risk management and 
	reporting system.  Interface with UK regulators from the Securities 
	and Futures Authority (SFA).     

	Jan 1991-July 1992:  Independent derivatives consultant, New York.

	1985-1990:  Co-President, Co-Owner FX Systems Inc., 1760 Market 
	St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.  FX Systems was a firm which produced 
	marketmaking software systems for foreign exchange, equity, 
	interest-rate instruments, and commodities.  Clients included 
	major banks and corporations.  The firm has since split 
	into two successor firms, the primary one being FNX Ltd.

	1981-1986:  Professor, Department of Finance, The Wharton School, 
	The University of Pennsylvania.  Taught MBA course in international 
	financial markets.

	1977-1981: National Bureau of Economic Research:  worked on model 
	of the corporate bond market, and incorporated this into an 
	econometric model of the U.S. economy (MPS model).


	FNX Limited  (Computer models of option pricing).

	Vladeck-Waldman (Expert witness on derivatives markets).

	Barclays Bank (Creation of a global commodities banking and 
	commodities derivatives trading unit).

	Philadelphia Stock Exchange (CFTC filings; foreign currency option 
	pricing and transmission).

	Stroock, Stoock, & Lavan (Expert witness on eurocurrency markets 
	with case arising from U.S.-Iran settlement).
	Millburn Corporation  (Using options to enhance performance of a 
	speculative commodity futures portfolio).

	Shearson Lehman Hutton (Foreign currency option pricing).

	Drexel Burnham Lambert (Risk management with FX and commodity 


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        Money Meltdown.  Feature-length film script.  July 1997.

        Ruby Ridge.  Extra in CBS movie on Ruby Ridge, starring Laura
	Dern and Randy Quaid.

        Cult Life.  Actor in short film by Steve Ausbury satirizing the 
	media depiction of "cults".

        Principia Discordia.  Short film.  Director/writer/camera/editor.
        The Biggest Thing on Television.   Executive producer/owner.  
	Video pilot to sponsor independent short films.

        Cyberspace Art.  Creator/producer.  Computer-generated,  fractal-
	based art show.


        Cuba di mi Amor.  Compact disk of 20 popular Cuban songs as 
	performed by famed Cuban pianist Danilo Pina.  Executive 


     Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, 1981.

     A.B., Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 1976.