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October 24 2001
House Passes Anti-Terrorism Bill - The House gave overwhelming approval to a compromise anti-terrorism bill giving police new power to secretly search the homes of terrorism suspects, tap all their phones and track their use of the Internet. (CNN) At 8 p.m. ET, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly argues with dissenter Robert Scott (D-VA); O'Reilly loudly insists that constitutional protections must be pushed aside because we are "at war."

October 19 2001
Surface-to-Air Missiles Reportedly Smuggled into U.S. (From the Wilderness)

October 17 2001
Rigged Game - House considers inquiry regarding what the intelligence community knew prior to the attacks, instead adopts proposal by Representative J. Porter Goss, "former" CIA officer (Online Journal).

October 14 2001
September 11 pilots trained at U.S. Military facilities (Mad Cow Press)

October 10 2001
Ask About the Drugs - CIA drug airline Southern Air Transport already in position in opium-growing Uzbekistan; Vietnam and Iran-Contra veteran Richard Secord visits Tashkent (From the Wilderness)

October 9 2001
Evidence of insider trading prior to the WTC attacks. United Airlines and American Airlines sold short (From the Wilderness).

October 9 2001
Premise for U.S. Attacks on Afghanistan "Totally Fabricated" - U.S. in bed with bin Laden terrorist network to control drug smuggling routes (Global Research)

October 7 2001
Flight school owners who September 11th pilots may have CIA connection. Think 19 "lone nuts." "Religious Fanatic" pilot drank vodka for hours at Florida bar. (Mad Cow)

September 19 2001
Made in the USA: How the U.S. Manufactures Terrorists (Pacific News Service)

July 25 2001
House approves additional $676 million for Plan Colombia/Andean Initiative (Christian Science Monitor)

July 20 2001
Bush biographer commits suicide
- J.H. Hatfield, author of the controversial book "Fortunate Son," is found dead in an Arkansas hotel room (Salon). Hatfield's book, we will recall, was recalled for burning by its first publisher. At the time of his death, Hatfield had been reporting on the connections of George W. Bush to the bin Laden family and BCCI.

July 9 2001
Iran-Contra figure Elliott Abrams chosen for human rights position in Bush White House (MSNBC).
"Elliott Abrams is a liar and an apologist for mass murderers. That is not opinion, it is fact."

May 25 2001
Bush Administration nominates fox to guard the proverbial hen house at DEA (Arkansas Times)

April 23 2001
Two witnesses claim Pan-Am 103 bombing was US government smuggling operation gone awry (A-albionic Research, Sunday Herald)

March 30 2001
Narco News announces commitment to answer New York lawsuit

March 23 2001
Senate rolls over, plays dead on Armitage confirmation (From the Wilderness). Editor's note: Confirmation was the result of a voice vote, which means that unless you were there, you can't know how anyone voted. I sent this letter to Senators Murray, Cantwell, Hatch, McCain, and Kerry in January of 2001. I have received a reply from none of them.

March 22 2001
Bush administration nominates Iran-contra figure Otto Reich as assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs. (Progressive Response)

March 15 2001
Wall Street Tanks, War Begins (From The Wilderness)

March 13 2001
Dark Alliance author Gary Webb writes open letter as plea to help save Narco News.

March 13 2001
Bush Ups Ante on Plan Colombia (Narco News)

March 7 2001
Michael Ruppert Addresses International Finance Congress in Moscow (From The Wilderness)

February 19 2001
Ex-Navy Seals on Pay-Per-Kill Mission in Peru (Narco News)

February 1 2001
European Union Denounces Plan Colombia (Narco News)

January 24 2001
House introduces bill to lift assassination ban (From The Wilderness) Read the story read nightly over Radio Havana.