Kent Heiner
PO Box 28247
Bellingham WA 98228



Senator Patty Murray
173 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

24 January 2001

Dear Senator Murray:

I have learned to my alarm that former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage is soon to be nominated by the Bush administration for a high-level position in the State Department or Defense Department, most likely as deputy to Mr. Powell.

In the event Mr. Armitage’s nomination is to be reviewed in a Senate hearing, I call upon you to oppose the nomination on the grounds of Mr. Armitage’s long history of involvement in the international narcotics trade; I also call upon you to encourage your Senate colleagues to do likewise.

Attention must be drawn to the fact that Mr. Armitage and others in the national security establishment have abused their authority to perpetrate and perpetuate a decades-long conspiracy to import and distribute narcotics in the U.S. This conspiracy is well documented in the reports of the CIA Inspector General’s office and of the senate investigation headed by Senator John Kerry. It has been written about over many years by respected members of academia, such as Dr. Alfred McCoy (The Politics of Heroin), Dr. Peter Dale Scott (Cocaine Politics, et al.), and Dr. William Chambliss (On The Take). It receives frequent attention in foreign media though domestic media have chosen to suppress the story, with the exception of the San Jose Mercury News. It is, according to some sources, "the worst-kept secret in Washington." I wouldn’t know; I don’t live in that Washington.

Mr. Armitage’s involvement in this conspiracy is a less well-documented fact, but a fact nonetheless. His complicity was exposed by none less than the Southeast Asian opium warlord Khun Sa; this allegation has been confirmed by other sources. There are men who would be willing to testify concerning this fact if given the chance.

If there is any cause worthy of our attention, it is this. I admonish you in the name of your Senatorial oath to make this cause yours. God bless you as you do so.



Kent G. Heiner