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Vol. I No. 2
November 4, 2001
"Except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." - Ps. 127:1
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November 3
Washington Post, p. A9 "FBI Pleads For Help on Attacks."
"FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III pleaded for help yesterday in finding those responsible for the deadly anthrax mailings and accomplices in the Sept. 11 terror attacks, acknowledging that cash reward offers and other steps have failed to lead to important breakthroughs in either case.
"Mueller, indicating that investigators have few major clues in either case, asked the public 'to join us in trying to bring leads to the front . . .'"

October 31
CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News (Washington Post, Global Research). In other words, let's make sure we're airing the correct side's propaganda.

October 31
Bin Laden met by CIA official at American Hospital in Dubai this July (Agence France Press, Global Research). See commentary below.

October 31
Owner of Florida terrorist flight school indicted in Netherlands for money laundering (Mad Cow Press)

October 28
CIA Weighs 'Targeted Killing' Missions (Washington Post). Okay, just don't call it assassination.

October 26
Bin Laden family drops relationship with Carlye Group, a business connected to George H.W. Bush (From the Wilderness) Some relationships are just too embarrassing to endure public scrutiny.

"Narco-Dollars for Dummies, Part 2" by Catherine Austin Fitts
How dominant is the black market in the American economy? How much influence does it have over U.S. politics? It's a simple matter of mathematics. Part two of a series.

"The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11 Attacks" by Michel Chossudovsky
Pakistani intelligence chief behind $100,000 wire transfer to hijacker/pilot Mohammed Atta.



On November 2, FBI director Robert Mueller pleaded for public help in the anti-terror investigations, admitting that the Bureau has been unable to identify any living accomplices in the September 11th attacks. You mean President Bush is keeping his al Qaeda evidence secret from the FBI as well as from Americans at large? Maybe Mueller can get the evidence from British PM Tony Blair.

Or perhaps Mueller can ask the administration's Secretary of Heroin, Richard Armitage. On the third of October, Armitage appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" to assure the public that there was "clear, compelling evidence" linking bin Laden to the September 11th attacks. We just aren't allowed to see it. What evidence has Armitage seen? The United States is now invading what was until this spring the world's foremost opium-producing country - and as justification for this invasion are we expected to rely on the sole word of a man who has been implicated in heroin-smuggling conspiracies from Burma to Russia? No, we also have the assurance of Orrin Hatch, the Senate's apologist for CIA-connected drug conspirators such as the Iran-Contra gang and BCCI.

Of course, Mueller will not bother to ask either Armitage or Hatch for their evidence because Armitage's October 3rd statement was made at the very same time Mueller's own FBI was confirming evidence pointing in another direction - documents presented by the government of India showed that at least $100,000 of the approximately $500,000 which funded the September 11th attacks came through Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad, then head of Pakistan's heroin-smuggling / intelligence service, the ISI. Ahmad resigned under pressure from the U.S. on the 8th of October. Global Research ( reports that Ahmad was in the United States on an unpublicized visit in the week preceding September 11th. On the 12th and 13th, Ahmad held meetings with Armitage.

Having failed to make Pakistan's guilt public before the bombs began dropping in Afghanistan on the 8th of October, Director Mueller now faces a considerable dilemma. The administration expects the FBI to justify the American bombing of Afghanistan by proving that al Qaeda is responsible for the September 11th atrocities when the money trail points instead to Pakistan, the United States' chief ally in the campaign. Good luck, Bob.


As they have since the beginning, reports continue to surface showing that the power behind the attacks on the U.S. is much bigger and much more complicated than al Qaeda.

Joseph A. Kechichian began an October 29th Op-Ed article for the Christian Science Monitor thus: "LOS ANGELES - In its effort to curb the spread of anti-American hatred, Washington has called on Saudi Arabia to end certain activities, including financial support of extremist Islamic institutions. Less erudite critics have called on the Saudi regime to 'stop lying' to the United States." In its November 5 issue, US News and World Report ran some 30 column inches regarding the Saudi Arabian connection to the current conflict and pointed out that the oil-rich kingdom "played a critical role in building up some of the very forces the United States is now committed to destroy."

According to a 1998 article by The Nation (Lahore, Pakistan), the Saudis have been funding the Taliban since a secret 1996 visit to Pakistan by Prince Turki, head of Saudi intelligence ( It is well-known that the government of Pakistan, particularly their intelligence service, has been one of the major sources of support for the Taliban. The Saudi support is less frequently reported in the American media.

We have heard for many weeks that hijacker Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi officials in the Czech republic. On page 18 of the same issue of US News (November 5) we find an account suggesting that Atta may have been caught literally red-handed as the source of some of the anthrax now surfacing in the U.S. In August of this year, Atta and one of his fellow hijackers visited a Florida pharmacist to get some medication for restoring damaged skin. Atta's hands were flaming red. Gregg Chatterton, the pharmacist who sold the bottle of medication to Atta, said he believes the redness was due to frequent washing with a harsh chemical such as bleach. Was Atta using bleach to kill anthrax spores left on his hands after filling envelopes? Such a crude method of decontamination would suggest that Atta may have been working with the non-weaponized Anthrax discovered in Florida. If this was the case, did Atta get the spores from Iraq? More importantly, who was behind the more deadly spores mailed after his death?

Laurie Mylroie, author of the new book "The War Against of America" and of "Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America," appeared on Fox News on October 28th, recommending that the U.S. redirect its military campaign toward Iraq as soon as possible. Ms. Mylroie correctly points out that the 1991Gulf War never ended, with Iraq having been kept in a state of siege by US-led sanctions and air strikes. She sees Saddam Hussein behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the incidents in Riyadh, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Clinton administration, she says, failed to look hard enough into state sponsorship of these attacks, and the United States can not afford to continue making that mistake.


You would think that Osama bin Laden would be pretty hard to find after being named Public Enemy Number One for his role in the bombings of the USS Cole and the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Maybe you noticed his face this summer on the FBI's "Most Wanted" clipboard at your local U.S. Post Office. I did. Apparently, though, the CIA never got the word.

Bin Laden was treated in a Dubai hospital this July. He was visited by relatives as he was treated for a serious infection. He was also visited by a CIA official, apparently the local chief of station ( ; see also Was this a case of mistaken identity? Or is it further proof that Osama bin Laden continues to be a tool of American intelligence and that the justification for this war is a lie? Bin Laden was our man during the last Afghan war, where by no coincidence the CIA used Pakistan's ISI to transport the opium grown by the mujaheddin and refine it into heroin. Professor Michel Chossudovsky has shown that since then, bin Laden's Islamic terrorists have also supported U.S. objectives in Bosnia and Kosovo (, where the CIA allied itself with the heroin-trafficking KLA. Now Osama bin Laden provides us with a pretext for massive military intervention in Central Asia's opium-growing heartland. As Dana Carvey might say, "How conveeenient . . ."

Our October 28th issue incorrectly identified the host of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" as Charles, not Bill, O'Reilly.

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