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Vol. I No. 7
January 20, 2002

"Except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." - Psalm 127:1

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Past issues of The Watchman are on line at Readers are encouraged to read past articles and commentaries as background for the current issue. It is hard to get the "big picture" without reading a large number of articles. However, a good chronology of events surrounding Sept. 11 is available at


January 19
Was FBI early arrival in Oklahoma City? Hotel receipt shows top terror man showed up 9 hours before blast (WorldNet Daily)
EXCERPT: "The FBI's top counterterrorism agent checked into an Oklahoma City hotel nearly nine hours before a truck bomb nearly leveled the Alfred P. Murrah Building, according to a receipt obtained by WorldNetDaily, despite claims that he was in Texas the morning of the attack."

January 15
Arthur Andersen’s Contract to Audit FBI Unaffected by Mounting Evidence of Criminal Activity (From the Wilderness)
Andersen audits FBI as well as Enron.

January 14
As Disruption From War on Taliban Ends, Traffickers Moving Big Heroin Shipments (Associated Press)

January 12
CIA ignored warning on bin Laden (Financial Times)
Former CIA case officer tries to blow the whistle in censored book.

January 7
Anthrax and the Politics of Terror (Mad Cow Press)
In addition to the recent mailings to Congress and the media, anthrax has been used by the CIA in the recent past to intimidate those who might get in the way of drug profits. Case in point: Russell Welch of the Arkansas State Police.


"Former German Defense Minister already knew about remote control" by Joe Vialls
The latest in a series of articles covering former Defense Minister Andreas von Bülow’s criticism of the US version of the events of September 11th. Von Bülow alleges that the Mossad was behind the attacks, and speculates that remote control could have been used to ensure that the planes hit their targets. In this article we find that Lufthansa, the German national airline, not long ago removed all US-made flight computers from its airliners.
See also:

"Nothing Urgent" by George Szamuely
The United States government stood still as the history unfolded on Sept. 11.

"The Profits of Death – Part III" by Tom Flocco and Mike Ruppert


"You loved it during the 80s and couldn't get enough of it during the 90s! PASHTUN PURE(TM) is back by popular demand!

"PASHTUN PURE (TM) is grown by our heroic Afghan allies, refined by the Pakistani military, and delivered to the sunny shores of Florida as part of a joint venture between the Bush family and America's own Central Intelligence Agency.

"Our vertically integrated supply and distribution chain means we can pass on our reduced costs to you; with PASHTUN PURE (TM) you get a bigger dose for your dollar!

"Don't forget that for every gram you buy, we will donate one round of ammunition toward the war against that villainous heathen, Osama bin Laden!

"Keep the war on terrorism alive! Buy PASHTUN PURE (TM) !"



I was reading Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations last night. The book, published in 1996 as a follow-up to a 1993 article in Foreign Affairs, has been getting a great deal of attention since the attacks of September 11th. No commentary as brief as this one can do the book justice. But to oversimplify, Huntington writes about how future global conflicts will be a matter of Western civilization being challenged by booming cultural rivals such as Confucianism and Islam. This book is often contrasted to Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man, which preceded Huntington’s work by only a few years, and like it, was originally published as an article with a question mark following the title. Fukuyama’s thesis was that, after the end of the Cold War, mankind might look forward to the eventual universality of liberal democracy.

If Newsweek were to compare the two theories in its sophomoric "conventional wisdom" feature (maybe it already has), Huntington’s star would be shown as being on the rise, while the sun has set on Fukuyama.

Huntington takes pains to point out that his book is about a paradigm, one which will not explain every event in world affairs but which ought to be more useful than any competing paradigms – certainly more useful for our time than the superpower competition paradigm which prevailed during the Cold War.

The Clash of Civilizations deserves the attention it has gotten. Huntington’s paradigm is indeed a good and useful one. The book is well written and engaging. But the Machiavelli in me prompts me to ask if part of the reason that it was so highly praised and embraced in the high circles of government and academia might have been that it was desperately needed as foundation on which to build a social consensus. After all, without an enemy to unify the populace, how could the CIA continue smuggling drugs in the name of national security? And without the CIA drug operations, where would Wall Street get the majority of its finance capital? Yes, the drug trade is that big and that protected.

The Communist menace kept Americans in line for forty years, but immediately thereafter we heard former law enforcement officials and CIA operatives going public with what they knew about CIA drug smuggling. Clearly something had to be done. What lucky breaks Osama bin Laden, Slobodan Milosevic, and Saddam Hussein must have been for the Establishment. And what a good thing it was that someone like Samuel Huntington was there to explain it all as the natural result of cultural competition. That way, no one need be compelled to go looking for the answers themselves; after all, they might look in the wrong places.

Now I ask your indulgence in a little name-dropping. When I was a student at BYU, I took two classes from former Harvard professor Dr. Bruce Porter. Dr. Porter had also worked for Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe (read: CIA) and on occasion played war games in Washington. I remember on one occasion he excused himself from class for a few days; when he came back, he told us about his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev and Russia’s concerns about the expansion of NATO. Those were exciting times for me as a student. At the end of our last semester together, Dr. Porter was called by the church headquarters in Salt Lake City to serve as a general authority in central Europe.

Many of the things that Dr. Porter said will stick with me forever. As he was lecturing us on Soviet and Russian foreign policy and giving us an assignment to document the history of that policy with respect to one nation in particular, he told us (I paraphrase): "If you want to find the true roots of a nation’s foreign policy, you look for the things which remain the same as circumstances change." Of course, we were assigned to compare Russian foreign policy in Tsarist times to the early and later Soviet periods and to the post-Soviet era.

I have applied this principle to U.S. foreign policy, particularly the covert activities of the CIA, and the results are not pretty. Over the 60-year history of the CIA (and its predecessor the OSS), one thing has remained quite consistent:

  1. There is always a guerrilla (usually terrorist) faction somewhere in the world that the United States allies itself with.
  2. The faction is always involved in drug trafficking or production.
  3. The CIA supplies the faction with arms and logistical support; the arms are paid for with drugs. The drugs are exported for sale by the CIA and its contractors.


The pattern is so consistent that one can see in the historical record the very same CIA officers being transferred to wherever the action happens to be at the time: Burma, Cuba, Laos, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Kosovo, and Afghanistan again. It is happening right now.

THIS is the paradigm I operate in.

One measure of a paradigm’s accuracy is its ability to forecast the future. Few of the models taught in any university have been very successful in doing this. Mine has served me pretty well so far. Two years before he took the oath of office, there was little doubt in my mind that George W. Bush would be the next president. I could not imagine a more favorable candidate for the drug and oil barons who run this country. The recent surge of drug trafficking in Florida and Afghanistan came as no surprise.

Here is something to watch for.

There will be a terrorist incident at this winter’s Olympic games in Salt Lake City. How severe it will be I do not know, but it will be designed to cow the church headquartered there and to weaken its opposition to further attacks on the Constitution.

The evil forces behind the recent acts of terrorism are determined to abrogate our constitutional rights, and this is one of the reasons that they hate and fear the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For Latter-day Saints, the constitution is more than a legal document; it is a reflection of the revealed word of God. Their scriptures and their leaders have warned them of "secret combinations" which are infiltrating the government and attempting to overthrow America’s freedom. Latter-day Saints aren’t very fond of drugs, either. The faction in the CIA which oversees government drug operations keeps a close eye on Salt Lake City (see: and,1113,2-1195-1206_1115826,00.html ).

But the terrorists will get more than they bargained for. Some weak and fearful members of the church will fall away, but many will have their eyes opened; they will gain wisdom and an unbreakable resolve to preserve our freedom. Only then will America’s "sleeping giant" truly be awakened. I see the day soon coming when we will know our enemies by name and their secret acts will be revealed upon the housetops.

We will see that the most significant cultural "clash" is that between the forces of good and evil, law and lawlessness.


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