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Vol. I No. 8
February 3, 2002

"Except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." - Psalm 127:1

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January 29
"Marin hot tubbers," Iran-Contra ghosts, and other fears of the Bush clan (Online Journal)
EXCERPT: "James Brosnahan, former federal prosecutor, and former member of the Lawrence Walsh Independent Counsel team is John Walker Lindh's attorney."

January 28
Report: Saudis financed escape of 4,000 Al Qaida to fight Israel (World



The organizers thought they had great reasons to celebrate, and it might be called the biggest party of the year. A coming-out party where all America could see the face of America's future.

Everyone was there. And I do mean everyone. The President, of course, and the Vice President. The Senators, Representatives, and the Chief Justices. That's all three branches of goverment all under one roof. And that wasn't all. The department heads of Defense, State, and Justice were all. there. And weren't those uniformed men the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Did you notice that the Attorney General didn't arrive until eight minutes after the hour and that the President didn't come in until after that? Maybe it was just a coincidence, but you can bet your life that I wouldn't have gone in there until I knew exactly where Ashcroft was either.

At the same time as the goverment exhorts the Amercian people to exercise increased vigilance in the face of ever-present danger and to tolerate increasing restrictions on their freedoms, here we have the entire federal goverment assembled in one place. Does this fact cause you any cognitive dissonance? Are you beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes? Can you smell the arrogance? Did you notice the insult to your intelligence and the government's contempt for the world at large?  Maybe you didn't notice it until after Bush began his address. Let's have a quick review of the speech's first five major points, all of which met with unanimous applause from those assembled:

1. America is stronger than ever.
2. We have done great things for Afghanistan.
3. We have punished those who are responsible for the September attacks.
4. New secret evidence gathered by the US military shows that the Afghan-based terrorists are even more guilty than we thought at first.
5. To the rest of the world: Step in line or you'll be next.

It was fascist propaganda from beginning to end, interspersed with calls for volunteerism, appeals to the Almighty, and plenty of sentimentality - sugar to mask the bitter taste of the medicine that the Bush administration has in store for America and the world at large. The primary message was clear: "We have eliminated domestic opposition, we have achieved victory in Afghanistan, and nothing can stop us now." The secondary message was more subtle: "We fear nothing from any man because we are the masterminds behind the terrorism that put us where we are. You may know we did it, but our power is absolute, so know that if you dare to cross us we will crush you."

It is no secret that Afghanistan has only been the beginning of the worldwide export of the national security state's brand of "justice." We can expect to see more jingoism, more posturing in place of diplomacy, and the death of more innocents. I liken George W. Bush's America to a beast which has suffered a deadly wound - as if by a sword - but still lives (Revelation of St. John, Ch. 13) - and many in the world now ask in wonder, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to make war with him?" We will no doubt find out after America has overextended itself in this so-called war on terrorism.



As we approach our sixth month of "life after the attacks," we seem no closer to seeing any credible evidence supporting the government version of what really happened that day. In fact, the ongoing absence of such evidence makes the growing evidence to the contrary all the more credible.

We have entered the post-cover up phase of this national outrage. The infamous, mistranslated, and highly questionable "bin Laden videotape" has given the American mass media all the excuse they need to stop asking any important questions. When the tape was first released to the media, I even saw one reporter actually expressing   relief on behalf of herself and her colleagues that whatever doubts there had been in regard to bin Laden's guilt could now be laid to rest. What does that say for the integrity of American journalism, who had never dared to openly scrutinize the government version of events even before the tape was released?

On October 13th, I published a list of troubling questions regarding the events of September 11th. Although the answers are beginning to come, none of us should find these answers comforting.

And of course, for every answer there are more questions:

What does the recent "suicide" of Bush biographer and muckracker James Hatfield have to do with the research he was doing on George W. Bush's business ties to the bin Laden family? See

Why do we see all the same players in recent events as we did in the Vietnamese-American drug pipeline of an earlier time? (See "WHO IS RESPOSIBLE?", )

What has the FBI done to investigate the $100,000 wire transfer to Mohammed Atta from the head of Pakistan's intelligence service? (See "ADMINISTRATION POSITION CONTINUES TO UNRAVEL", )

What was the purpose of a CIA officer's visit with Osama bin Laden last summer? (See "NO ASSASSINATIONS ALLOWED - HOSPITAL ZONE" )

Who told the FBI to lay off the bin Ladens? (See )

What were Israeli government agents doing in the Mexican congress with firearms and explosives? And why did no major media report on their arrest? (See )

By what coincidence or conspiracy was the FBI agent assigned to lead the hunt for bin Laden killed in the World Trade Center attacks? (See )

Why is the FBI refusing to release cockpit recordings from the hijacked planes? (See ,

How badly is the U.S. government and intelligence community infiltrated by the Mossad? (See )

Why is the FBI not investigating its best lead in the anthrax mailings case? (See "THE TRUE SOURCE OF TERROR", , also


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