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Vol. I No. 9
February 17, 2002

"Except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." - Psalm 127:1

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Editor’s note


Past issues of The Watchman are on line at Readers are encouraged to read past articles and commentaries as background for the current issue. It is hard to get the "big picture" without reading a large number of articles. However, a good chronology of events surrounding Sept. 11 is available at


February 15
A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health (From the Wilderness)
ABSTRACT: "As FTW has begun to investigate serious discussions by legitimate scientists and academics on the possible “necessity” of reducing the world's population by more than four billion people, no stranger set of circumstances since 9-11-01 adds credibility to this possibility than the suspicious deaths of what may be as many as 12 world-class microbiologists."

February 14
The Bush Administration supports Terrorists in Kosovo, Macedonia and Chechnya (Global Research)

February 11
The Sugarland Sanction (Mad Cow)
More unanswered questions in the Enron "suicide."

February 4
The Battle Back Home by Howard Fineman (Newsweek Magazine)
Dick Cheney makes pre-emptive strike against open congressional hearings on 9-11.
EXCERPT: "Dick Cheney was on the line, and it wasn't to chitchat. The vice president rarely calls the Senate leader – a Democrat he dismisses as an 'obstructionist' – so Tom Daschle knew the topic was important when he hurried into his Capitol office. What he heard was a plea, and a warning. The Senate will soon launch hearings on why we weren't prepared for, and warned about, September 11. The intelligence committee will study the matter, but mostly behind closed doors. Cheney was calling to preemptively protest public hearings by other committees. If the Democrats insisted, Bush administration officials might say they're too busy running the war on terrorism to show up. Press the issue, Cheney implied, and you risk being accused of interfering with the mission."



I hope that most of you who are taking the time to read this have also read my essay, "Rogue Elephant" ( ), which shows the significance of the illicit drug trade in the Kennedy assassination. I hope if any one point has been made clear in my writings, it is that the CIA's involvement in smuggling drugs has completely undermined the powers of the three branches of government and made the separation of those powers irrelevant. Our country is run on drug money above all else.

In "Rogue Elephant" I mention Charles Harrelson, one of the Kennedy gunmen who is now doing time for the murder of a Texas federal judge. I recently dug up this little gem, which tells why Judge Wood was murdered: Why was I not surprised to find that, as in the Kennedy murder, it had everything to do with CIA drug smuggling? Excerpts from the article follow:

"[Gary] Eitel [former CIA pilot in Laos during the Vietnam War] says a man by the name of Bill Branson (not his real name), a former employee approached him with a lucrative offer of CIA contract work. He was offered a chance to make more in one day than he could make all month. While Eitel clearly told Branson he would play no part in illegal activities, Branson told Eitel he'd be contacted again in the future.

"At a baseball game in the spring of 1973, Eitel says a man in a ball cap, blue jeans and dark glasses sat beside him in the stands.

"'Do you like baseball?' Eitel remembers the unidentified man's opening line.

"Eitel says was not about to run drugs for anyone, but when the contact wanted expertise on how to set up a dummy aviation company, he agreed to give advice, he says.

"The contact pressed a roll of $100 bills into his hand, and at a subsequent meeting Eitel described in detail how to set up a dummy aviation proprietary that would offer cover and deniability.

"Again, Eitel says he declined to actually participate in anything illegal.

"'I had no problem flying for the CIA (during his Army tour), but I had a lot of problems breaking federal law to fly for the CIA,' says Eitel.

"In early 1979 Eitel says Branson called to congratulate him for his wise decision to refuse the drug-hauling contract.

. . .

"Eitel says that Branson told him that the drug hauling operation had been unplugged because a federal judge in San Antonio, Texas, John Wood Jr., had gotten wind of the operation and was furious.

"I didn't think a lot about it until later,' says Eitel, 'then it (the call) all made sense.'

"Later that year Judge John Woods was assassinated outside his San Antonio home."


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