BOOKS - In chronological order

Without Smoking Gun: Investigating the Death of LCDR William Bruce Pitzer (TrineDay, 2004)

It's the Economy, Stupid! (Mem Research CD-ROM release, 2002)

The Hancock Prophecy (Mem Publishing, 1998)


ESSAYS - Alphabetical by title

I, Hamlet (Written one month after 9-11-01)

Langley's Revenge: The 1980 Presidential Election and the Reconstruction of the CIA (2002)

Laying Old Ghosts to Rest (2015) Debunking the Pitzer meme and Lt. Col. Dan Marvin.

Man, the State, and Dope (2001)

Patterns of Organizational Corruption (2002)

Rogue Elephant: The Drug Trade, the Kennedy Assassination and the War in Vietnam  (2001)

The Salamander Mystery: A Tale of Two Forgeries (2013)

The Truth Is Way Out There (2001)

Trust and Suspicion (2005)


BOOK REVIEWS - Alphabetical by author

Benson, Ezra Taft. An Enemy Hath Done This.

Benson, Ezra Taft. A Witness and a Warning.

Crowther, Duane S. Prophecy - Key to the Future.

Davis, John. Mafia Kingfish.

Hales, Robert E. Secret Combinations Today.

Hinckle, Warren and William Turner. Deadly Secrets.

Hopsicker, Daniel. Barry and 'The Boys'

Lane, Mark. Plausible Denial.

Lifton, David. Best Evidence.

Prouty, L. Fletcher. JFK.

Roderick, Lee. Leading the Charge: Orrin Hatch and 20 Years of America.

Scott, Peter Dale. Deep Politics and the Death of JFK.

Turner, William and Jonn Christian. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.


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