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Louis R. Perini (born November 29, 1903 in Ashland, Massachusetts - died April 16, 1972 in West Palm Beach, Florida) was the principal owner of the Boston Braves of the National League from 1945 through 1961. In 1945, he purchased the club from Bob Quinn, and he moved the club to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 1953 season after complaining of poor attendance and revenue in Boston. In 1961, he sold the franchise to William Bartholomay who later moved the franchise to Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to owning the Braves, Perini gained his fortune in his family's construction business, Perini Corp.

Significance to this site

If Dan Marvin's story about meeting a Boston-area mafia family is to be believed, it is likely that Lou Perini was of this family. Marvin once inquired about the Perini name in Boston; this, the Perini Corporation's connection to the gaming industry, its Boston-area headquarters, and its series of scandals support this possibility.