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Hi, I'm Kent Heiner, founder of Mem Research. I spent a large part of my life chasing ghosts of one sort or another. As a very young man, I was a Mormon missionary for two years, ever in search of the influence of the Holy Spirit. From 1997 to 2003, I was deeply involved in research related to the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, and the like. I self-published my first book in 1998, with my main thesis being that the prophets revered by the Mormon religion may have been talking about the JFK assassination and related matters when they warned us about future conspiracies, or as they called them, "secret combinations."

I have been wrong about a lot of things. Really, spectacularly, wrong.

My first book carried the "Mem Publishing" imprint. I founded Mem Research shortly thereafter and incorporated it as a non-profit organization for a brief period of time. My hope was to collaborate with others in exposing high-level conspiracy. "Mem" is a Hebrew letter corresponding to the Latin "M." The Psalms contain sections headed by this and other letters. The one labeled "Mem" expresses the sentiment that by heeding the word of the Lord, one sets himself above his peers in wisdom. That idea resonated with me. Such hubris and naivete!

My second book was published by TrineDay in 2004, and luckily by the time it went to press, I had started to mature intellectually. It is a book that I can still stand behind today. The lessons I learned while researching it had far-reaching consequences, playing a significant part in my disillusionment with Mormonism within another 3 years, and eventually my abandonment of all religious faith.

These experiences had aspects which still haunt me today. During my most active years of research, the TV series "The X-Files" was in its prime and then its final years. The protagonists, FBI agents, were routinely left with more questions than answers in their investigations of conspiracies and paranormal phenomena. For obvious reasons, I was a devoted fan; hence the name "The M Files" for this wiki.

It is only recently that I have begun to write about the haunting later years of my journey, and I think the writing helps.

Though my philosophy has changed radically over the lifetime of "Mem Research," I am hanging onto the name as a reminder of how mistaken I can be, and how far I have come. And because there is still evil to be found in high places and there are still wrongs to be righted.