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The Mem Research wiki (also known as "The M Files") is an encyclopedia of sorts and more. It is an important component of the larger website, which discusses somewhat esoteric topics, including conspiracy theory, Mormonism, and even how these two topics relate. For now, it is the record of one person's investigations.

Wiki content management is currently restricted to registered users, but if you would like to contribute, keep visiting. Contact information will eventually be made available.

How to use this wiki

One of the great advantages of an online encyclopedia is its ability to carry hyperlinks between documents or to external resources. Links to other wiki entries will appear like this. Links to external pages (including Wikipedia) will look like this. Subjects which have no current entry in this wiki, but for which an entry is planned, (or had no entry at the time a related article was being written and the link has not yet been updated) will look like this.