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The Metaphysics of Political Illusion

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Micah Morrison says he's never been able to confirm Charles Hayes used to work for the CIA. That's okay. I've never been able to confirm Micah Morrison works for the Wall Street Journal. But he apparently gets paid for something.

And most Kentucky junk dealers get their testimony redacted under the National Security Act. Because the chemical composition of ferrous oxide is now a state secret.

There was a hearing today (Friday October 25) about whether bond should be set for Charles Hayes. The U.S. Attorney Joseph L. Famularo claimed Hayes was a menace to society on account of he had been writing articles under the pen name "J. Orlin Grabbe". They explained the great threat posed by "Hackers Vs. Politicians", and also discussed the literary works of Robert Louis Stevenson..

Well, that's all very interesting, because here I am-- as Charles Hayes--posting to the Internet from my jail cell. But as J. Orlin Grabbe, let me say this to you, Mr. Famularo: You are not only a kook, but, moreover--you stupid little shit--Chuck Hayes did not write one word of "Hackers Versus Politicians." I resent you attributing to another person the fruits and toil of my own efforts. But then, you work for the Justice Department, don't you, Mr. Famularo? No wonder you lie--it's in your nature.

Readers may fax Mr. Joseph Famularo at 606-233- 2666 to get his explanation why Charles Hayes and J. Orlin Grabbe are the same person. Be careful what you ask him, though. Mr. Famularo is somewhat schizophrenic, and may decide that either you or he is also Charles Hayes.

People are wondering what happened to the Starr indictments. Nothing. Indictments were signed earlier this month by grand juries both in New York and in Arkansas, including an indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I do not know why they have not been announced, or why there has been no bail hearing for Hillary. To withhold this information from the voters is clearly playing politics. Starr shouldn't do that. You can fax Mr. Kenneth Starr at 202-514-8802 and ask him to explain what's going on.

October 25, 1996
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