Digital Finance

by J. Orlin Grabbe

A Guide to Homepage Digital Cash Articles Read this first for background.
Digital Cash and the Future of Money Appeared as "Introduction to Digital Cash" in Liberty (July 1998) and in the SIRS Renaissance data base (1999).
Concepts in Digital Cash Basic concepts necessary to get started.
Digital Cash and the Regulators We gonna regulate, just as soon as we figure out what it is.
The Mathematical Ideas Behind Digital Cash Speech to Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 1 Secure credit card systems. iKP, SET, EMV, CyberCash, First Virtual, FBOI, BankNet,
Open Financial Exchange.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 2 Adventures in Prague. Debt-Credit systems. NetCheque, Netbill, and CyberCoin.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 3 Digital cash systems. NetCash, Mondex, & Digicash ecash.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
Stefan Brands' System of Digital Cash A digital cash system with real privacy. Consistency between the on-line & off-line systems.
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
Smart Cards and Private Currencies The technology of Hayek's dream.

These articles are parts of a work in progress. ©1997-2000 J. Orlin Grabbe. All Rights Reserved.