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Orlin Grabbe versus Joseph Famularo

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November 15, 1996

Joseph L. Famularo
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Kentucky
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Lexington, KY 40596-3077
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Re: Case Number 96-6101M
United States v. Chalmer C. Hayes a.k.a. Chuck Hayes a.k.a. Charles Hayes

Dear Mr. Famularo:

I am writing to you because you referred to my Worldwide Web Page (http://www.aci.net/kalliste/) in District Court before U.S. Magistrate Judge J. B. Johnson, Jr., on Friday, October 25, 1996.

You claimed that Chuck Hayes and I were the same person, that Chuck Hayes wrote articles under the "pen name" of J. Orlin Grabbe, and that information on my web page was evidence that Chuck Hayes was a menace to society and should not be released on bail.

First of all, I am not Chuck Hayes, and neither is he Orlin Grabbe. Your facts are wrong and your investigative work is extraordinarily sloppy. Thousands of people know who I am, know me as the author of the leading MBA textbook in international finance (International Financial Markets), so that even a casual effort at research would have separated our identities.

Secondly, I am surprised at your contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Do you not believe in my freedom to publish on my Worldwide Web page information that others can read as they choose, or ignore as they choose? Do you believe in freedom of speech and that Congress shall make no law abridging that right? Which part of "no law" do you not understand?

Thirdly, the theme of many of the articles on my Web Page--which you claimed was evidence of social menace--involves drug-money laundering and the attendant political corruption. Why don't you want people to pay attention to drug-money laundering? Why don't you want people to pay attention to political corruption? Is it because you have some personal fears in this regard if they do so? What do you have to hide, Mr. Famularo? Who is paying you, and what are they paying you for?

Fourthly, I have read the interesting affidavit of David R. Keller, FBI agent, which you also introduced into evidence. In this affidavit, Keller affirms that an (unidentified) undercover agent of the FBI made an interstate call offering to kill John Anthony Hayes, the son of Chuck Hayes. Do you know that such a phone call is in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1958? Are you going to indict and prosecute this undercover agent of the FBI for criminal violation of the U.S. Code? Or was this undercover agent perhaps lying? If he was, are you going to prosecute him for perjury? If not, why not? Surely you don't believe that you can just pick and choose your targets of prosecution on some politically partisan basis? Or do you believe that? Is your pursuit of Chuck Hayes little more than a political act?

Fifthly, according to an investigator who spoke to me, you also told Chuck Hayes' ex-wife Guiomar that Chuck Hayes and I are the same person. Why did you do that? Are you engaged in witness tampering? Why are you talking to Hayes' family at all? Is it because John Anthony Hayes and Guiomar are involved in an inheritance dispute with Chuck Hayes, and you promised them help in return for their cooperation in constructing charges against Chuck Hayes? Did you obtain documents from John Anthony Hayes and send them to Alabama with Chuck Hayes' postal return address on them? Are you guilty of falsifying evidence in a similar manner to the way you have falsified my identity?

I expect to receive your prompt written reply to these questions.

Very truly yours,


J. Orlin Grabbe