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The FBI and Terrorism

by J. Orlin Grabbe

The litany of criminal behavior on the part of the FBI goes on and on.

The most recent allegations concern the sale of FBI files for cash. It seems that certain agents, looking to make a buck on the side, have provided "confidential" FBI files to various lobbyists willing to pay a high price for the information. Is this what Al Gore meant by the "information superhighway"--a trough that starts at the FBI and ends up at the door of a Washington lobbyist?

Then there is the matter of the FBI giving the Cali cartel access to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) files. As reported by The New York Post:

"The head of the FBI's Bogota, Colombia, office is under scrutiny because sensitive intelligence was leaked to drug lords running the infamous Cali cartel, The Post has learned.

"FBI Special Agent Dwight Denny is suspected of misconduct that led to the cartel's infiltration of the Drug Enforcement Administration's central computer about nine months ago, federal law enforcement officials said. . . .

"The Naddis computer contains top- secret information dating back to 1973 about hundreds of thousands of suspected drug traffickers, as well as leads on drug operations and files on current investigations, the sources said.

"DEA agents worldwide rely on the centralized computer system, which also stores details of arrests, memos and teletypes the agency receives, the sources said." ("Colombian cartel mole burrowed into DEA computer files," The New York Post, August 22, 1996).

Then there is the conduct of the FBI in the Olympic bombing case in Atlanta, Georgia. The FBI sent the tape of the 911 phone call that warned of the bomb over to the CIA for a voice analysis. The CIA determined the voice on the tape was not that of Richard Jewell, the Olympic security guard first labeled by the media a "hero", then smeared by them when the FBI leaked information that Jewell was a "suspect" in the bombing.

But the FBI sat quietly on the CIA report. (After all, the FBI was desperate to come up with someone who might be responsible.) Then, apparently to avoid getting caught up in the growing scandal, the CIA leaked information about their analysis to Dan Rather of CBS news, who reported that the FBI was planning to "apologize" to Mr. Jewell. The FBI promptly denied they were planning any such thing. Now Newt Gingrich has made the public statement that the FBI "should" apologize. Louis Freeh, however, apparently believes working for the FBI means never having to say you are sorry.

Then there is TWA Flight 800. Ho hum. Another news conference during which FBI spokesman James Kallstrom mumbles, prevaricates, and endlessly repeats that there are three theories: a missile, a bomb, or mechanical failure. Why doesn't he tell the media about the advance warning given by the terrorists to the New York office of the FBI? Why doesn't he tell the media about the photographs the FBI has which show the flight path of the missile? Why doesn't he tell about the correlated radar and satellite data that show the same thing? What doesn't he tell about the analysis during the first week following the downing of TWA Flight 800 that demonstrated that a missile hit the fuel tank in the belly of the plane, the explosion then spread to the nearest fuel tank in the right wing, which in turn blew off engine number three?

The evidence that the FBI is an organized criminal enterprise continues to mount: the slaughter at Waco (did anyone investigate this church burning?), the assassinations at Ruby Ridge, and the FBI drug dealing in the cross- border trade between Canada and Montana. In addition, an FBI agent provocateur was instrumental in the success of the World Trade Center bombing. The evidence says that rather than preventing terrorism, the FBI promotes terrorism.

Why doesn't Louis Freeh complain about his payroll account being hacked? Is it because he doesn't want to go to court over the issue whether the FBI is a chartered organization? Is it because he himself is receiving government benefits illegally, and also plans to receive a government pension illegally in the future?

Congress should take a good look at the FBI budget. And then reduce the budget to zero.

August 23, 1996
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