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VINCE FOSTER AND THE NSA--Spy Agency Hiding Evidence?

by Charles R. Smith

On May 2, 1993, Vince Foster, Benard Nussbaum and Webb Hubbell went to Ft. Meade Maryland to meet with the National Security Agency. The topic of the secret meeting would be an effort to "mandate" government computer security and ban all other products. The proof of his meeting at NSA HQ would come in written form. Foster had two notebooks from the NSA in his office at the time of his death. Two notebooks that mysteriously disappeared. It is also known that the Clinton administration officially denied (Mark Fabiani) that Foster had any business with the super secret spy agency. The White House denial turned out to be a lie when the NSA was forced by FOIA to release documents from the May 2 meeting which included Foster's attendance. The question is why would Foster, Nussbaum and Hubbell be involved with a spy agency? Could it have anything to do with his death?

The first answer comes from the White House paper trail. The vast number of secret memos exchanged inside the White House on cryptographic policy during the first 5 months of the Clinton administration all point to one conclusion. The Clinton administration planned to "mandate" the Government developed Clipper chip and ban all other computer security products. In fact, a secret White House memo from Tony Lake, dated April 1993, officially acknowledged the planned monopoly by ordering the formation of a "Inter-Agency Working Group" or IWG. The complex nature of the legal problems with "mandating" would also require the politicals to seek the advice of legal counsel. Some technology would be banned outright. Other products would have to be purchased by the Federal Government. One such problem would involve the purchase of existing patents on digital signatures. The purchase of this technology from private hands by public officials had to be handled in a legal manner.

"The Administration has determined that such technology should not be subject to private royalty payments, and it will be taking steps to ensure that royalties are not required for use of digital signatures," states a Feb. 4, 1994 Clinton White House press release. In order to remove the royalties the Federal Government would have to purchase the rights to digital signatures. The legal process required to purchase private patents in the name of the Federal Government would have led the President and Vice President to seek legal counsel. Vince Foster and Benard Nussbaum, the White House/Rose Office Law Firm (DC branch), were chosen. Thus, a simple and obvious explanation of why Vince Foster knew of the secret Clipper project. He had to make it legal. Therefore, on May 2, 1993, Foster and Nussbaum would travel to the NSA for briefings on Clipper.

Simply having two White House lawyers declare the plan to be legal would do little but ensure the President was on board. The real source of legal advice in forming a monopoly would have been the Justice Department and Janet Reno. In fact, the Department of Justice, and Janet Reno, were also ordered by Tony Lake, acting on Presidential directive 27, to join the Inter-Agency Working Group. DOJ would provide the legal firepower needed and, in the end, actually ran the IWG meetings. Thus, assistant Attorney General, Webb Hubbell found himself joining White House lawyers Foster and Nussbaum, on a trip to NSA headquarters.

Therefore it is now clear from the available documentation that Vince Foster, Webb Hubbell, and Benard Nussbaum knew of the plans to "mandate" the government solution (eg.. Clipper). Not only were they briefed in detail on the entire project - they should have been called upon to render legal advice on how to monopolize the domestic US computer security industry. In fact, the White House considered these plans so sensitive that they risked lying to the American public to cover Vince Foster's involvement.

Someone removed the NSA notebooks from Foster's office. Someone has kept the facts on Foster and his work with the super secret agency under wraps. The NSA has steadfastly refused to release any of the data that was in Foster's notebooks except for the fact that he attended the Clipper meeting on May 2, 1993. The FBI and Dept. of Justice has refused to answer questions. They have chosen not to investigate if the Clipper project was compromised. In fact, the Dept. of Justice has refused to investigate if Foster's death has any relationship to a still secret project to "mandate". Whether Foster's death has any relationship with Clipper is something that even the long in the saddle Ken Starr has avoided. Yet, I cannot help but note that more than one agent of the NSA has died in the line of fire.

Was Foster murdered? Somewhere between the black world of conspiracies and secret agencies lies the truth. A reluctant Congress, a frightened Special Prosecutor and several Federal agencies (DOJ, FBI, NSA and CIA) who have played major roles in a secret plan to mandate the government solution are all dodging the truth, trying hard to bury Vince forever. Mr. Foster may be dead but his notes live on. Somewhere inside the NSA or Dept. of Justice are the written words of a dead man. Words that could provide an answer to a question of murder.

1 if by land, 2 if by sea. Paul Revere - encryption 1775

Charles R. Smith

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