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Donna Does Glasgow

by Hi-Line Mary

"Is that a pistol . . . or, are you just glad to see me?"

--Mae West, upon being introduced to an eager dance partner at a crowded Hollywood party.

HAVRE- Tiny Glasgow, the Valley County seat, nestled along the Hi-Line, has enormous ties to drug smuggling from Canada [1]. Cracking the narcotics ring was difficult because individuals involved were in positions to stymie the investigations. The same was true of Glasgow's other illicit rings. . . .

Donna [2], in her late thirties, is attractive and vivacious. Donna loves men, and like many modern women of today, felt constrained in a single monogamous relationship with the man she was living with.

It is unclear how Donna became involved with NP and another woman named BW [3]. It is suspected Donna became entangled with the two individuals through a "swingers" group or wife-swapping club in the Glasgow area.

What Donna had hoped to find in libidinous fun-filled relationships with her new friends quickly turned into sheer horror.

NP, a man with a prison record, was a sexual predator. NP liked to party, but he also wanted to make money out of the relationships. In order to exploit his customers NP developed an organization or ring, "the Club".

In studying summaries of more than 25 hours of surreptitious tape recordings a pattern emerges. Many of the encounters were recorded on videotape in the presence of the participants.

Why was videotape used? Several reasons. The taping of the participants was emplyed to blackmail persons involved. A person couldn't have sex in the club unless he or she agreed to be filmed. This was ostensibly to protect everybody else involved, in case somebody was a traitor to the Club. A secondary reason was that some of the films, especially those of adolescent boys having gay sex, were readily marketable. The third reason was that law enforcement officers or other prominent persons could be compromised in this fashion.

As a result of aggressive management by NP, the Club, operating in small town Montana wide open, did not worry about police [4]. (Glasgow has a population of about 3,500). Because of the proximity to the Canadian border and national security concerns, the compromise of law enforcement officers takes on a multiplied significance. For example, terrorists bent on smuggling weapons or explosives into the United States find that an officer compromised by a sex ring is inclined to look the other way at key times.

Donna, something of a back woods Marilyn Chambers [5], was inclined to perform with streams of willing participants. Donna appeared to be a remarkably pneumatic and insatiable kitten. As Donna drew males from across Montana, her handlers deftly mixed children in with the festivities. A number of the children were Indian children from surrounding communities.

The young boys were led into the filming scheme by being offered an opportunity to have sex with Donna first. Then they were pressured to have sex with other males.

Tape Excerpts

Here are summary excerpts for some of the key audiotapes. The audiotapes were recorded around activities related to filming sex acts with young children [6].

ITEM 38 : Bobby B. (age 17) (Jim's friend)has sex with Donna-Jim-Ned-Brenda- Rhonda and others. Note: voice very clear on the tape. Says at one point "this is gonna be cool" after Jim orders him to "F*ck Jimmy in the ass." The participants apparently engage in sexual activity, Jim's voice can be heard to waiver and make expressions of pain. A conversation is had with Alesia ( and a parent of one of the participants) and another adult named Robert C.

ITEM 39: Recordings of a boy David, age 11.

ITEM 40: Chad- age 11. The boy's name was mentioned on tape while Donna was having sex with the boy. An adult female Brenda made a statement while the two were having sex: "Donna's f*cking an eleven year old"

ITEM 41: Gordon (youth age unknown) sex with Donna.

ITEM 42: Evelyn (adult female mid 30's) Also present are Russell, Donna, Ricky, Jimmy, Ned, Joey, a minor male called "little Joey".

ITEM 43: Christy (female age 15) Sexual activity with Donna, Marvin, Jim, Ned, Jeffrey. Telephone call advises her to come up "Jim's here". Ned then has sexual relations with her on numerous occasions.

ITEM 44: JoAnn (or LeAnn?)- name mentioned many times. Altercation after Marvin urinated in her vagina.JoAnn thus left telling persons present that acts were "disgusting".

Talk by Brenda and Donna.

ITEM 45: Buck (adult male from Glasgow) Heard on tape with Donna, Marvin, Ned, Jeffrey, Rhonda. Brenda narrates the scene.

ITEM 46: Hank - (young male age unknown)"

There are numerous adults implicated in the tapes. Some of the persons mentioned are as follows: Lawrence P., Joseph Y., John S., a person associated with the Elks club in Wolf Point, an owner of an oil field service company, a bar tender, a medical doctor; an accountant from the Kalispell area, a local attorney, numerous farmers and ranchers, Robert C., Sharon B., Carl P., a body shop owner, owner of a large Glasgow motel, David L., a Federal employee of the FHA, Lance M., Lana P., Myron H., and Kenny L. from Wolf Point.

Other Notable Conversations and Rapes

Besides sex with children, the tapes preserve conversations where discussions were made to kill Donna's fiance [7]. One of the tapes also makes mention of one participant's involvement in drug flights into or out of Glasgow. Others record Donna being raped, assaulted with a knife, and forcibly injected with cocaine. Still another records Aleisa, age 15, being raped. Another tape records another underaged teenage girl, Christie, as she is repeatedly raped as well.

There are overwhelming indications in the tapes that mind-control techniques are employed against the victims. At times Donna appears to speak robotically, as though hypnotized, as she describes the sex acts she is engaging in. Strangely Brenda describes in detail the sexual acts, as she observes them, as though she were a narrator or Greek chorus.


This article will likely widely circulate widely throughout Montana over the next few days. What has been set out here will draw concerned parents, school teachers, social workers, state and federal criminal investigators, and journalists of all shapes and sizes to look into these matters. The attention will protect many of the witnesses.

Persons involved in the porn ring will also read this report. NP is surely in great danger for obvious reasons. NP has enough information on corrupt public officials to warrant some leniency. Others involved should also merit leniency if they cooperate with authorities as well. Out-of-the-area investigators must assume that some law enforcement personnel who are compromised by the scheme will attempt to disrupt the investigations.

The smuggling operations from Canada could not occur unless key Montana officials were compromised. The Glasgow sex "Club" was allowed to thrive for that reason.

Now my words have no dual meaning. The honest people of Glasgow, Montana need help. The people at this party are carrying real pistols.

March 20, 1998


[1] For more on this see "Spook Houses in Glasgow, Montana." at . This article is particularly important because it shows the real ties to corruption and national intelligence links. The article also provides a key to demonstrative proof of Chip Tatum's presence in Montana while Tatum was on assignment for the NSA.

[2] The current surname of this woman, now living in Billings, is not disclosed for purposes of her personal protection.

[3] BW resides in one of the St Marie Condominium Association units near the former Glasgow Air Force Base.

[4] Criminal defense attorneys for NP will be able to provide federal or state prosecutors with information about area law enforcement individuals linked to the operation. Some of the these individuals are identified on the audio tapes.

[5] Marilyn Chambers is one of America's most famous and notorious XXX film performers.

[6] The ages of the children mentioned in the tapes range from 10 to 16 years old.

[7] The individual, DS, resides in Wolf Point, Montana. Montana authorities must realize DS is in extreme personal danger.

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