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The mission of orlingrabbe.com and The J. Orlin Grabbe Homepage is to inform and educate the general public regarding:
  • the increasing use of the monetary system as a surveillance mechanism, thereby endangering or destroying political and financial freedom;

  • the political, technological, and economic forces behind this development (including the war on drugs and the growth of the national security state in the digital age);

  • the technologies of political control whereby governments practice the very things they condemn (including money-laundering, drug-dealing, and terrorism) and then (or in order to) invoke the same as justification for enslaving their citizens;

  • the technologies, political and economic understanding, and philosphical perspective that a sovereign individual needs to reverse the erosion of his own liberty in this hostile environment.

  • For the genesis of this mission, read:

    The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1

    The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2